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I’m not going to lie.  I’ve always hated running.  Even when I played soccer, running was simply a necessary evil.  Something that had to be done to be good at the game. Even thinking about running made me feel like this…

All that changed a year ago.  Tomorrow May 21st is my 1 year Runniversary.  How did it happen?Several good friends of mine took up running and raved about it.  I kept tabs on them.  I was curious, but I couldn’t imagine the appeal.  I’d pounded out “grueling” runs on the treadmill and that usually prevented a repeat performance for at least 6 months.  Back on the Stair Master I’d go. But they kept talking about it.

It was a beautiful spring day and I decided to go for a walk to get some exercise.  I needed to be outside. Then the strangest thing happened, my feet just decided they wanted to run, the way a kid does when they’re in a hurry to go nowhere, but get there very fast.  OK-that’s sort of a lie.  Yes, I was inspired by the weather and the feeling of the wind in my face.  I liked how my lungs stretched–my whole body felt used up–like I’d done something epic.  But if I’m going to be honest–I’m just freakin’ competitive sometimes.  My friends were doing it.  Why couldn’t I?

I ran 3 miles that day and it was hard in a good way.  But I think what kept me coming back in the beginning (besides my inner competitive monster) was technology.  I could run outside where it was beautiful, with all the feedback of being inside–where it wasn’t.  It was the best of both worlds for me. I’m a feedback girl. Using my Nike tracker, I kept a record of my distance and time and logged it into my Nike web page.  I also listened to music while I ran and as a dancer–that just worked for me.

During this first year of running,  I converted to Vibrams (a minimalist platypus looking shoe) and I LOVE it.  I don’t want to run any other way.  The shoes are awfully funny looking, but the feel of it makes running any other way feel wrong.  Besides, how I look wearing finger shoes doesn’t matter anyway.  I’m pretty sure that no matter what is on my feet,  to the casual observer I look like this…

But it doesn’t matter because when I run, I feel like this…

And that is a beautiful thing.  So while some days running is still a slog, no matter how much I improve.  And some days I can’t sneak a run in no matter how much I desperately would love to. The truth is that I won’t be giving this up any time soon.

I’m proud to announce that I ran a grand total of 370.96 miles!!!!!! this year.

Come this fall, all three of my boys will be in school full-time for the first time.  Woot!!! Don’t give me the “Bad Mother Glare.”  Of course I’ll miss having the littlest one home, but he’s bored and I’m not going to miss my life in 2 and a half hour increments.  In fact, I’m pretty excited for what it means for my writing, my laundry, my need for hermit time and of course my running.  Did I mention that I’m a little bit competitive? *wink* Of course I’m planning to run more–further and faster.  Why?  Because I can…




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  1. Have you done any racing yet? If you're competitive, it's a rush and a very social event. My husband and I road race. We've done turkey trots and jingle bell runs, potato field runs and cross country races in mud and up and down hills – all kinds of races. Here on the Island, they have a summer parks series. Lotsa fun. Wish I could run in Vibrams but I can't. Have fun!

  2. That's so awesome!! I want to run, but I hate it. Maybe I'll try again:)

  3. Happy Runniversary!

    Have to admit, I don't understand the appeal. I might run if a bear were chasing me, but I'd have to give it serious thought first, and then it would likely be too late.

    But I admire your dedication! 🙂

  4. YAY!!! Happy Runniversary! I hope you have many more! <3

    And, like Linda, I admire your dedication 😀
    BTW, omg, 370+ miles??? You're awesome! 😀

  5. I keep hoping to catch the running bug! I want to be able to just pick up and run, but getting to that point is such a struggle for me and my wheezy little lungs. I would never make fun of your Vibrams – I would be jealous! How did you find a pair? Everywhere I go they're sold out in like 4 seconds.

  6. Stella-I haven't raced yet, but I'd like to. It always seems that with the kids we're coaching sports or something on the weekends. Going to try to do my first race this year if I can.

    Logan-got my first pair at a local shop, but ordered my second at REI. I love them!!!! They are a big adjustment and it takes time to build up your run when you switch over, but they just make me a very happy runner. No knee or back pain at all.

    Linda-Girl you just crack me up!!!!

    Seriously, everyone–I hated running. Made fun of my hubby for doing it and now I'm so in love with it. Hubby laughs at me cause I get Runner's Mag and everything LOL!

  7. […] running stats. And if you’re really a glutton for punishment, the other posts are here…Runniversary and 2nd […]

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