Small Piece of Advice for the Great Agent/Editor Search

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away–okay…up until January 2011–I was given lots of advice during the great agent and editor search.  I ate up the recommendations like they were Dibs, those bite size chocolate covered ice cream bites.  But there was one piece of advice that I found hard to swallow–don’t jump at just any agent and/or editor who is interested in you.  Hold out for the right one.

Intellectually that sounded nice, but in theory that felt more like asking me to put a piece of gum in my mouth and not chew it.  I wasn’t sure I could do that.   Would I even recognize a bad fit if I found one?  Luckily for me, the fates intervened and everyone rejected me until the perfect fit came along.  Ha!  My agent Michelle Wolfson makes me grateful for everyone of those BIG FAT NO’s.  And one of the many ways that I know she’s the perfect agent for me–she sold TOUCHING THE SURFACE to Anica Rissi, my editorial soulmate.

This is a small bit of advice, yet the hardest for most people (desperate for validation) to wrap their minds around.  But I’m passing it to you anyway.  Yes, things fell into place for me in the right time.  I was very lucky, but I also believe that I was freakishly open to not having a timetable for success.  I used determination to drive me forward, but I also gave myself enough flexibility and forgiveness to let MY journey unfold in it’s own way.  I know it’s really hard, but don’t settle–ever.

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  1. Thank you, Kimberly! I think so many of us aspiring authors can benefit greatly from your advice, especailly when you talk about NOT having a timetable. I will definitely keep that in mind upon my own journey to publication. Hope you're staying cool in the heat.


  2. You are so welcome Laurie-I always figured that if I just kept improving, I'd get there when I was good enough. You are so on your way!!!!

  3. Thanks, Kim – for these wise words of experience! It's like Napoleon Hill said, "Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success." You've had all 3 – the hard work on your book, the drive to find the right agent/editor combination, & the belief that you're on the right path to publication & will get there when the time is right.
    I do believe that there are many many different paths that all lead to the same place – & I'll keep your post in mind to remind myself that as long as I keep following my own long & winding road, I'll eventually get there too, no matter how long it takes! 🙂

  4. Such great advice! I do tend to turn a little green when authors talk about their agent (really only a little). My agent search continues and with this story I will be able to continue with the thought that my path is exactly as it should be. THANKS!

  5. "Dibs" of wisdom, for sure. Thanks, as always, for your advice, encouragement and inspiration as we all navigate this crazy journey together! <3

  6. Amen! I feel exactly the same way about Michelle and the editor she matched me up with. 🙂

  7. Getting picked up by Michelle is like winning the lottery-you don't get more awesome packed into one tiny little power house!

    Jodi-don't forget you have an agent to query! :o)

  8. Linda and Kai-I never want to lose the feeling that the best part of what I'm doing is the part that I'm in. Besides, there is nothing so delicious as a day dream. I'll take the anticipation any single day. I love that feeling!!!!

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