Slow Reading–What’s the Cure?

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Between reading every night and whenever I can sneak it in durning the day, then reading to my kids every night and listening to audio books, I managed to rack up a respectable 107 books read in 2011.  I thought I would be happy about this until I realized a couple of things…

I think I’m a slow reader.  I’m watching bloggers, friends and my uber awesome agent Michelle Wolfson tear through books at a mind boggling speed.  What’s weird is that until now, I had no idea that I was such a slow reader.  Because I’ve always read a high volume of books, I’ve been under the impression that I was fast.

Yeah…I was living a pipe dream.

I’ve never been more aware of this than this week.  Gina Rosati of the Class of 2k12 is the first person (that I know of) to get an ARC of TOUCHING THE SURFACE.  She’s the first in line for the Class of 2k12 ARC TOUR.  This means that she is READING IT RIGHT NOW–ironically at the same time that I’m reading it for my last round of edits.  I started days before her and I’m crossing my fingers that she doesn’t finish before me.  Why do I care?  Well, because I’m weirdly self conscious of my overly long second toes and now my pokey reading skills.  Duh.

My second reading worry is that after making friends with all these wonderful debut authors, I’ve come to realize that if I only read their books–I still wouldn’t have enough time to read them all.  I’d come up short by about 40-50 books at least.  *sheesh*  This doesn’t leave me any reading time for the books I read with my kids, adult books, or books by already established authors that I love or I’m interested in!!!!  *head thunk*

And of course, if you’re wondering, this in no way prevents me from buying more books.  Because hell, I’m an optimist!!  I work hard to be a better dance.  I train to run faster and longer.  By golly, I’m going to read more books.  Is it realistic?  Can I become a faster reader?  Who knows, but I think I’ll have a fun time trying!!!!  And if I can’t learn to read a little faster than I’m just going to have to do less laundry.  :o)

So, my Goodreads 2012 Reading Challenge goal is 110 books.  Secretly I’m hoping to make at least 120–maybe even 125.

What’s you’re reading goal for 2012?

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  1. Hey, when's Michelle going to start the agency ARC tour of TOUCHING THE SURFACE? Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. There's no shame in slower reading, Kim. Does eating faster help you enjoy a meal more? I think not. Savor those books!

  3. I've had similar worries especially compared to my wife who seems to devour books they way I attack chocolates. I do agree with Debra that there is a desire to savor the moment, but maybe that's just an excuse. I've never tracked my reading for the year. Maybe I should begin doing that this year. Now if I only had a book to begin with, you know one that would give me a chance to touch the surface of this project before I dive right in…thoughts?

  4. Linda-maybe soon. She's waiting for that extra ARC.

    Debra-I agree, no shame, just envy. So many good books…so little time. I want to read them all!!!!

    Chris-I found it really interesting to tract my reading for a year. You should try it for fun. Someone gave me a link to test your reading speed. It's posted on FB. WOW! I'm slower than I thought I was. LOL! And yes, you're funny LOL!

  5. I read 55 to 60 books last year so I'm really slow (:

    But I read 3 of my own novels like 50 %&*$ times!! Argh. Editing

  6. Dang girl! You're a rockstar!!!!!

  7. 107 books in a year is fast to me- that’s more than 2 books a week. On average it takes me about a week to read a book as the only chance I get is on my lunchbreak and just before I fall asleep, and sometimes I go weeks without reading a book at all because I’m just too busy. I don’t like to rush through my books, I like to read and dream and imagine and let it all sink in, let the suspense build up every day.

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