What’s in a Name, Hurricane?

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I did that brain fart thing and forgot I blog on Tuesdays now. *head thunk* In fact I was laying in bed (enjoying the humidity-NOT!) and letting my mind wander. Book 3 has been calling me to start from scratch and reinvent my previous ideas. This morning those ideas started percolating. *fist pump* I’ve been reading some fabulous articles on writing lately and it’s really helped me to grow with my writing. I love that inspiration and great content are out there for the taking. *hugs whole world* But I digress–back to my brain fart. I’m lying in bed with my brain whirring away when BAM!


I forgot to write my Tuesday post. Now it’s like–oh, crap–what do I write about? *No you can’t have coffee until you finish* But *insert whiny voice* All I really I want to do is concentrate on the last of my revisions and continue to day dream and mind plot my next novel. I can’t be witty or helpful when that much of my brain is in use. In fact sometimes I can’t be witty and helpful with a lot less of my brain in use. But this must get done ASAP!  So, I flip to YouTube, looking for a life-altering vlog that will make you forget my incompetence and I find this…

And I know it doesn’t have anything to do with anything, but I found it pretty darn amusing. And since it isn’t even hump day yet, its very humid, I’m tired because I’ve been up since 6am plotting and I planned on revising in a park around my kid’s schedules today and it’s RAINING–I’ll take the little things. Enjoy the chuckle. What would be your criteria for naming hurricanes and what would you name the next one? Have you been day dreaming about your plots? Any great writing advice or inspiration that you’ve been reading about?



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  1. I’ve been using my Pinterest boards for inspiration as I gear up to work on Book 2 again! Always fun.

  2. I’ve been doing lots of fun things in hopes of refreshing and recharging. Mostly little stuff with my little man (who turns 2 tomorrow!). I figure we better enjoy the nice weather while it’s around because too soon it will be winter again.

    • Yes!!!! And Happy Birthday. 2??? Where has the time gone?

  3. I go to sleep thinking about my plot, wake up in the middle of the night wrestling with it, and listen to it whisper me out of bed too early in the morning. Feeling a tad obsessed at the moment. 😉

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