The Art Stimulates Art Series–Aaron Turner is MY Favorite SYTYCD Season 10 Dancer

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Sat down last night to watch the SYTYCD Season 10 Finale only to find a political scheduling snafu. WHAT????

Fortunately, there is an encore performance on Friday. *breathes into a paper bag* And although I will get to watch the second half of the show, I do already know who won. But that’s okay, I consider all four dancers winners. I loved them all. But win or lose, there was one dancer I really connected with and was rooting for this year, and I’m tickled that he was the under dog who almost didn’t make it on the show. *fist pump*

Aaron Turner IS my favorite dancer from Season 10!!!!!

aaron-Main Photo

I could watch him tap all day. I adore his personality and his ability to morph into any character, no matter what direction the choreographer has taken things. He’s like a live wire out there, but it was this quiet moment that became my favorite of the season…



The cool part was, I was just as moved by the emotion of Aaron and Kathryn AFTER the performance, as I was by what they did on stage. They often say that writing is like opening up a vein and letting it all pour out onto the page. Dance is like that too. And the lines of this piece were so blurred and raw it was surreal. And I can’t be remiss and not mention the brilliant choreography of Stacey Tookey. Fabulous.


Part of the attraction to this piece involves my writing. I’ve created a scene in THE OPPOSITE OF GRAVITY that should feel just like this. In my head this is what I imagined occurring between two of my characters. Ultimately, I can only hope my words are able to create the same power and emotion that Aaron and Kathryn did. And on a side note, after seeing their chemistry, I want them to fall in love, get married and make dancing babies. <3

But gahhhh!!! Now I can’t believe I have to wait a whole year for Season 11. To make the time go faster, lets keep talking about Season 10. What was your favorite dancer this season? Favorite performance? My second favorite was the Top Ten Boys–SAND. LOVED that one, but I have a gazillion more of course. And what about a favorite guest judge? I’m a huge fan of Jesse Tyler, Jenna Elfman and Anna Kendrick. Want to see more of them next season. Minnie Driver was pretty good, too. And of course Paula and Debbie are icons. Favorite choreographers?? That’s hard. I can’t pick. Can you??????



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  1. What a fabulous Final Four we had this season! I loved them all and I couldn’t choose my favorite because I loved them all for so many different reasons. Such talent, such emotion, such incredible personal stories about how they all got to this point in their lives and dancing. Aaron was/is a special fav though. He is so likable and open and real – and his tapping jaw-dropping. I couldn’t help being the *teensiest* bit disappointed that he and Jasmine weren’t our winners. But then, if it had been the other way around, would I have felt the same way if Fikshun and Amy? Gosh, who knows. Amy’s best performance wasn’t with Fikshun though, it was with Travis and his brilliant choreography. Now I’m off to watch Aaron and Kathryn again . . . it’s been fun to be able to read your posts, Kim. 🙂

  2. I agree–I LOVED them all, but like you I know I was leaning towards Aaron and Jasmine. And the performance with Travis was her best!!! Best season yet, in my opinion.

    • Definitely best season yet. I also REALLY liked Mackenzie. She did a dance once that knocked my socks off. I’d have to go look it up to remember exactly. It might have been with Tucker. What a gorgeous dancer and girl! I didn’t agree when they got rid of her. I thought she was better than Hayley whom they kept (even though I *like* Hayley!). So hard to choose every week though. It’s got to be a difficult decision for the judges. Fun to talk about the show with you, Kim!

      • I loved her too!!!! It was a tough year for sure–but I do love it when they are so good you can’t really go wrong. <3

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