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A funny thing happened on the way to my NaNoWriMo revision. I had a complete epiphany about how the book should be written.  Out of the blue, a new supporting character walked up, plucked me in the forehead and said…I’M HERE! She is sooooo different and interesting–I just had to let her tell me who she was and where she came from. And as I started to give her some space on the page, she also illuminated the main character. And now that I know my MC so much better, she’s begun to pull in other characters and plots I hadn’t been expecting. Interesting things have started happening and it gives me chills.

But what about my draft I worked so hard on? While I had the best experience putting my inner editor away while participating in NaNoWriMo, right now I’ve found myself slipping comfortably back into my old drafting style. And surprisingly it feels amazing–like pulling on the coziest pair of sweat pants I own.

Does that mean that NaNoWriMo was a waste of time for me? Hell no! I figured out what I wasn’t supposed to be writing–which is kinda important. LOL! And some how the very act of doing something completely different has taught me how to do the familiar better than I was doing it before.

What a tangled web of words we weave.



What strange and convoluted things do you do to weave your word web?





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  1. I soooo needed to read this right now. Thank You! I’m off to find something strange and convoluted to do, so I can spin a new word web.

  2. Last year’s NaNo showed me I’m capable, under pressure, of producing the final 3/4 of a book in about three and a half weeks. It also taught me I don’t want to do that again. *grin* But I am glad I found out I could, in a pinch. So NaNo was good for me, too.

  3. Hi Kim! I am catching up on reading some of your posts that I missed in the crazy month of March! 🙂 I was just wondering if you have always just sat down to write your novels, or did you ever take coursework or read a book on the art of writing a novel? I am basically curious to see if you have any books you can recommend that might help me get my ideas for chapter books and middle grade books underway! The picture book area is where I am focusing now, but I’m always interested in expanding my horizons. And I don’t want to box up other ideas forever! I love the idea of NaNoWriMo. Good for you for finding a great new character and for not being afraid to enhance your story! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!!

    • When I started I knew ZIP about writing and publication. I sent my first query to an agent because they had a fabulous door on the picture of their building. *hangs head in shame* The SCBWI with it’s conferences and Shop Talk taught me so much. <3 And I do have so many great books that I recommend. I know there is a running list on the FB page if you scroll back through (around Christmas time) but THE FIRST FIVE PAGES by Noah Lukeman rocked my world. Kate Messner has a very helpful book on revision. Harold Underdown wrote the bible--the Idiots Guide to Writing Children's books. Also try Writing it Right by Sandy Asher. :o)

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