Why Summer Needs to be OVER!

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I’m as sad as the next person about the end of the summer. *scratches head* Then again maybe I’m not. Sure I’m not looking forward to regularly scheduled morning wake ups, making lunches, three kids whining about homework, after school sports and the logical reduction of my ice cream intake. But gosh darn it–the summer makes me feel so unorganized. And that’s saying a lot–I’m pretty scattered on a regular basis. With a 6th grade orientation today and a bunch of other things, it took me until 2:53 in the afternoon to realize–hmmmm it’s Thursday–I kinda have a blog due. (And I only remembered that because I was thinking about posting a Throwback Thursday photo on FB LOL!)

So, here’s your #TBT pic…

photo 1This was me back in the late 90’s on top of a tower in Coppenhagen. :o)

And here is my list of reason why–as lovely as it is–SUMMER NEEDS TO BE OVER!

*I need regularly scheduled wake ups and bed times. My body likes it and this year I don’t have to get up super early so I’m doing a happy dance!

*Making lunches–this is a stretch because I have to make three this year instead of two, but I can start catching up on all those grown-up lunches with friends I haven’t seen all summer.

*Kids whining about homework means their brains are engaged. By the end of the summer, it has become obvious that my kids will benefit from the mental stimulation. And so will I!

*Yes, after school sports are a bear, but I’ll get my work done while they are at school and that makes me less resentful about my whole evening feeling like we are running non-stop. And all three boys are on the same schedule and out of school early enough for homework and dinner to theoretically get done ahead of time. I’ll keep you posted on how this works out for real.

*Let’s not kid ourselves–there is NEVER a dip in ice cream consumption. Silly reader.

*Jeans!!!!! I love wearing jeans and a sweater. It’s my outfit of choice with a pair of comfy sneakers or clogs. Happy days are almost here.

*Cool night and breezes. Windows open but snuggled under a down comforter. *sigh*

*Autumn leaves. Can’t wait to see the changes at my new house. Pics to come.

*Publishing is back from vacation and bookishness is in the air. And there are stretches of writing time without feeling guilty about having kids home.

*Running!!!! It’s my favorite time of year to run outside. FAVORITE!

*Stew, soup, and chili–YUMMY!!!! And hot chocolate with whipped cream.

*Trading in my air conditioning for my wood stove. Not a big AC girl unless the humidity forces my hand. But I do love to be warm and toasty.

*The kick off to the year’s best stretch of holidays LOL!

*RAIN–I know it sounds weird, but I love a good rainy day when it’s not a chess pool of hot humidity. *see woodstove and throw in slippers and a cozy blanket.

*The “REAL” new year. I always consider the first day of school my new year. September 3rd is a fresh start for me. <3

*And on time blog posts. Why are you laughing? Okay, if not in the fall–definitely in the winter. Ha!


What’s you’re favorite things about kicking summer to the curb?

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  1. Such a positive post. I needed to read that 🙂

    My favorite part of leaving Summer behind is definitely the abatement of heat, although this Summer hasn’t been too bad. But Autumn is definitely my favorite season, even though it contains football.

    • Totally with you about the heat. Feels like cheating because it’s been so cool this early. ❤️

  2. Jeans, sneakers, sweatshirts, hats, and PUMPKIN EVERYTHING!!!! MWUAHAHA! 😉

  3. Oh yeah, my birthday is end of October. I guess that too lol

    • So weird–was just asking Gloria about you today. ❤️

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