Marley and Me–I mean Riley

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Don’t let the sleeping puppy fool you…


Have you seen the movie Marley and Me?

Yesterday Riley had a Marley kind of a day.

We’d been warned that our good little puppy was going to begin to test boundaries. And he did. Let’s just say there was some counter-surfing-steak-snatching going on among other antics. *sigh*

In the middle of the chaos, when I wanted to be writing but I was catching a 50lb dog as he flew through the air off the couch, (THAT off command being the only one he obeyed all day) I may not have found him amusing. But as the boys and I laughed about it later, I felt sure that MUCH later I’ll be thanking the wee beastie for providing me with lots of very interesting and entertaining book ideas.

So, with mixed emotions about admitting it, I guess I have to say…thank you, Riley.

Do you have any “Marley” stories you want to share? All pets and kids are eligible for “Marley” status. Make me laugh folks…

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  1. We rescued a 3 yr old yellow Lab mix a few years ago. He had been horribly neglected, but some how was the sweetest boy. We named him, Bob. It fits. Bob has had a lot of new experiences with us. He has been liberated from the 3′ rope that held him for 3 years. He has discovered that there is an inside; safe from the weather, scary mean dogs, thunder…oh, thunder. And there is food and water-not just sometimes, but every single day! We think Bob has a pretty good life now. We think he is happy. But, when you’ve not been taught manners- sometimes, even when you have been taught manners- things can get away from you.

    It was a beautiful day out and I cracked the windows in my second story bedroom. It was the perfect day to throw some steaks on the grill, relax in the sun with our new fur baby and enjoy a beer. As I was backing out of the driveway, a yellow mass streaked off the covered porch below my bedroom. My husband, Chad ran out the front door and bolted barefoot down the street and around the corner! I went after him, and thankfully we were able to coax Bob into the car about a half mile from home.

    We rode home in silence…gave Bob a treat for coming back…and only open our windows from the top from now on!

  2. My husband was out of town and our fresh French bulldog Stuie jumped up on the bed while I was sleeping. When I sat up in a panic to see if someone was knifing me to death Stu dives under the covers, army crawls down and around my feet and won’t come out

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