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Some Dreams are Better Than Others

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I had a dream.  It wasn’t an earth shattering, life changing, Martin Luther King kind of a dream, although I do have those from time to time.  This was a dream that my book, TOUCHING THE SURFACE, was out at Net Galley.  I hadn’t expected it to come out while I was sleeping and I may have peed myself a little bit at the thought.  Phew…it was only a dream. *goes and changes underwear*   And here’s the thing, dreams can mess you up.  They take you outside of the box where you’ve neatly laid your crap and they force you to look at what is below the surface.  Sometimes they even qualify as nightmares.  I still have vivid memories of a few harsh unrealities that have clung to me over the years.  The subconscious mind is a powerful thing.

But that is not always a bad thing.  Because dreams can be catalysts and goals.  They can be clarity and honesty of self.  They can be hope.

Freedom Writers-I Have a Dream

Worst nightmare? Best Dream?


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