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30 Days of 50 Patty Blount’s Virtual Birthday Gift

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Hey Patty!

Are you one?

Are you two?

Are you three?

Aww forget it–it will take to long to get to FIFTY! But while you’re wrapping your mind around the idea that on November 12th you are going to be HALF A CENTURY OLD! *gasp* I’m going to fill our audience in on what the 30 Days of 50 celebration is…

This is Patty Blount.



She’s a fabulous person and the kick ass author of these YA books…





You can find out more about Patty and her books HERE.

On September 17th I received a desperate plea for help from Patty–it went like this…

On Nov. 12, I turn 50 and am not happy about it. My sons think it would be fun to make the whole month of November a big virtual party…

Well, I’m going to be 46 this year and I have three boys. My days are numbered, so I’ve volunteered my services to Patty today.

Dear Patty, for your 50th birthday I give you my husband’s 1972 red GTO. I know you love GTO’s, but I hated that car.

FullSizeRender 2

He got the vehicle when he was stationed in AZ, before we got married. Now, I can’t say I hate all GTO’s, but I wasn’t a fan of the look of the 1972 model. But that really wasn’t my problem initially because it wasn’t my car until…

Kim and John Wedding

We got married and were stationed in Germany.

We were only allowed to ship one car overseas, so for the early months of our marriage we had to navigate the narrow cobblestone streets of Europe in a noisy, gas guzzling behemoth. It wasn’t pretty. It felt like driving a ship.


Being in the army, my hubby had to get up at the crack of dawn every week day to participate in PT (Physical Training) along with one or two people in every apartment in our housing area.

But one day, I had a special doctor’s appointment several hours north of where we lived. The hubby and I left very early, way before the birds, so we could get there on time. We returned later that day to a housing area full of indignant military folks. Apparently, the majority of the people in our housing area had been using the GTO as a snooze alarm. If they heard that car revving up in the parking lot, they knew they had to get a move on. Unfortunately, the day of the appointment, when we shook, rattled and rolled out of the lot before the sun, everyone woke up out of a sound sleep thinking they were going to miss PT. It was a panic.

It may have been the only time I really liked that car. LOL!

If we still had that GTO today, you can guarantee that I’d give it to you for your 50th birthday, Patty. But knowing it wasn’t practical for our purposes or out wallet, it was easy to sell an American Muscle car while overseas.  And even better we were able to get TWO quiet cars instead. *fist pump* I was no longer biking to work in the rain.

Instead I’m giving you a virtual 1972, very noisy, gas guzzling, GTO. I hope you shake, rattle, rev and roll into the next 50 years with the same amount of passion, compassion, talent and general awesomeness that you have the previous 50. Go with the flow and ride on lady–you are awesome. <3

What’s the worst car you’ve ever owned? Are you scared of turning 50? If you could have on car as a gift, what would it be?

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