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A Tween Audiobook Aficionado

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According to the Audio Publishers Association JUNE IS AUDIOBOOK MONTH!!!¬†You probably know that I’m a HUGE audiobook fan, or as my son just yelled out…NERD! But he is too–so I thought I would have him be a guest blogger today to talk about the supreme awesomeness of audiobooks!

Jamison is 11 years old and he’s dyslexic, making audiobooks, not only a pleasure, but an integral part of his ability to enjoy reading. Since he’s bugging the crap out of me right now–“I thought I was going to get to say something”– I think it’s time to turn over this post to him…

Curled up in bed and listening.

“I think audiobooks are cool because I am dyslexic and it is hard for me to read, so when I read audiobooks it helps me to understand the words. Sometimes I listen and read the books at the same time which helps. I also think it’s interesting to hear the character’s voices in an audiobook. I may make mistakes when I read or not pronounce the words right, so I really like hearing how they are suppose to sound.”

As a mom of a child with dyslexia, I’m thrilled to have audiobooks to share with him because his vocabulary, comprehension and areas of interest are in a completely different place than his independent reading level. Audiobooks give him access when I’m not around to read to him–or if he wants to read the ERAGON SERIES for the umpteenth time. *head thunk* Audiobooks have enabled a child who has an extremely difficult time reading in a traditional manner– to consider himself an avid reader–a book lover. In my opinion that makes audiobooks priceless.

Well, you heard it from two audiobook nerds–it’s time to get your ears on and listen to a great book!!!!

In honor of Audiobook Month…What’s you’re favorite audiobook? What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done while listening to an audiobook? If you’ve never tried it–why?



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