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Truth or Dare: A teamTEENauthor follow-up

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For information purposes, I’m going to copy a previous post right here to adequately explain why I’m going to do something really bizarre at the end of this post. So here–catch up…

Truth or Dare Challenge

So exciting! I’m attempting to join a new group of young adult authors called teamTEEN author (the brain child of  Julie Cross–author of  TEMPEST) In order to get the secret password into this new club and a shiny virtual medal…
(You know you want one too) I have decided to brave the Truth or Dare Challenge. Dum, dum, dum, dum. Why? Because I really want to be a part of this exciting new group–particularly because of  The Perfect Ten!!!!  What is The Perfect Ten you ask?

They are a hand-picked group of young adults who have been given an ARC of Touching the Surface for their ARC Relay!!!! You can learn more about The Perfect Ten by clicking on the link above. They look extremely cool. Yup-that’s ten amazing reasons why I should risk public humiliation. It sounds worth it to me.

So here’s how it’s going down. You dear reader, get to post a question for me to answer truthfully AND a dare. I will pick one–and I’ll either answer your question or take on your dare. If I do the dare I will post proof!! If I chicken out, I have to post a chicken pic on my blog for a week…sigh

So hit me with your best shot–teamTEENauthor–here I come!!!!


I’m also going to give you the link to the original post so you can check out the truth or dare comments. Original Post

But the short version is that I answered all of my truth questions and I decided to do a dare anyway. Cause that’s how I roll. I was challenged to do the chicken dance in a public place. I had originally attempted to do this on the corner of Main Street in my town, near the Post Office. (high traffic area) My 11yo was mortified. I decided to wait for the younger kids to be on spring break and try again. They haven’t hit peak embarrassment levels yet. It just so happens that on Wednesday I ran into a friend that I used to teach with. She just happened to tell my kids that I was a champ at embarrassing my former students. The winner being the time I did the Hokey Pokey in the cafeteria lunch line. *grin*

I knew I had an accomplice for my dare! Here is the chicken dance a la Kim in my local Target…

I know it doesn’t look like it from the video, but there were quite a few folks in the store as I was doing this (spring break and all) it’s just that they were FLEEING THE AREA!!! I wish I had a camera on my kids and the people rounding the corner behind them LOL! Looney Tune in Aisle seventeen!!! My own kid’s faces were a mix of bemused acceptance and horror. I could see the wheels turning as they realized that it might never be safe to bring a date home to mom. Of course my friend who took the video for me said…”Wow! I’ve missed you.” *love* I think I may have to do this more often. I’m going to proudly go hang up my teamTEENauthor medal now.

Before you go…spill the beans. What is the worst dare you’ve ever done? What would you do to be a teamTEENauthor? What embarrassing trait actually makes you pretty proud?

BTW–that was my first official YouTube video…how scary is that???


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