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It’s Official, Simon Pulse is Stuck With Me *Squee*

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It’s official, for the time being, Simon Pulse is stuck with me!!!!  I’ve signed my contract.  Wanna see?

Because a watched pot never boils, I actually got my contract while I was on vacation.  In addition to a little bit of difficulty printing it out at the hotel, I just figured it would be mean to take a picture of me signing the contract here…

The only thing worse than that (for you) would be if I was sipping on a chocolate shake while signing.  I’m just not that mean.  So I waited until I was back in NY.  In fact, I’ll even make you feel better by showing you this…

*sigh* Of course, it’s only the tip of my post-vacation iceberg.  But I don’t care because I can check this off my bucket list.

And if that wasn’t enough awesome for one vacation–I got the proofs from my author photo shoot. My friend, the very talented Dawn Sela, has made me blush with her kind words and beautiful photography. Dawn Sela Photography   This is just a smattering of the amazing photographs she took.  I don’t know how I’m going to pick a favorite.  

Vacation is over but I’m still in a very happy place.  *grin*  It’s the perfect week to send the boys to camp–off to finish my revisions!!!!

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