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New York City Mash-Up!

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Galavanted around New York City with the family this weekend and saw all kinds of cool things, but this was one of my favorites.  Every time I passed by this building– I grinned like a damn fool.

In case you can’t see what I’m standing in front of it’s…

The home of Simon Pulse!!!! I seriously had to refrain from telling EVERYONE on the street that I work there!!!! (Even though I’ve never been inside LOL!)

Yeah, it’s a cool building in and of itself, but it’s also right by Radio City Music Hall and Magnolia Bakery.  (Yup–I had a chocolate cupcake.)  Honestly, if it had been an episode of Glee I would have totally broken out into a song and dance.  :o)
Although I was tempted to stand on the Avenue of the Americas all day and pet the building,  I didn’t and because I’m so diversified, I saw lots of great things that were not called Simon & Schuster.

The view from Hubby’s job–Ground Zero and the Freedom Tower.

More of the New York sky line.
The Brooklyn Bridge.

These locks were on the bridge and they just captured my attention.

View from the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Apple Store down in the Meat Packing District.

The windows were plastered with messages and memorials.

From inside the apple store…

We did lots more good stuff.  Visited friends, saw a show, ate great food, walked our butts off and laughed so much.  But as much fun as it was I always love coming home and home is even better when you find great mail.  A bag of swag arrived from the class of 2k12.  

Loving it!

Bookmarks–front and back.  With my name and title on them!  *squee*

Pins and guitar picks.

And don’t for get the pens.  
And now I’m off to bed…to sleep in and recover from a wonderful weekend.  Happy Columbus Day!

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Happy New Year!!!

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Well, I missed my blog post on Friday and now my post is late for Monday.  Gahh!!!  I have excuses–I do–but you don’t want to hear those.  So let’s just say that stuff happens.  And I shall get my act together.  Now, Lets move forward.  What am I looking forward to, besides better and more timely blog posts?

The kids are off to school.  The basement is getting done.  I’m gonna eat better and exercise.  I have a WIP to dig into, in addition to lots of TOUCHING THE SURFACE related stuff too.  Tons of good things coming down the pike and the best is that the new year starts tomorrow.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  I never think of the New Year as starting January 1st.  For me, the first day of the new year is always after the Labor Day Weekend.  Maybe it’s because I was a student, then a teacher and then a parent and I never left the back to school mentality behind, but it’s just when I organically hit my own reset button every year.  There are no resolutions–just fresh supplies, a fresh start and a schedule.  Oh my, I’m looking forward to a schedule.  I’m needing that right now.  Top that off with Fall is my favorite season and I’m just giddy with excitement!

But hey, the summer was great too.  So, don’t just sit here…go…enjoy the last of your holiday weekend.  *waves bye*  Because, tomorrow…I’m hitting the reset button…ready or not.

When does your “official” New Year Start?

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How Dare You Open a Spaceman’s Helmet on an Uncharted Planet!

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So I was minding my own business–going about my busy day when I suddenly remembered that TODAY WAS WEDNESDAY!!!! I mean, I knew it was Wednesday, but my inner schedule was telling me that I was two days into the work week, making me think it was Tuesday. *head thunk*

Okay, I’ll admit it. I hate change. Not all change. You can absolutely give me an extra scoop of ice cream in my sundae and I’ll roll with it. But, by golly you’d better make sure it’s chocolate ice cream. Never, in my whole life, have I ever picked out anything else. I kid you not. I’ve tried other flavors, but I would never pick them. *shudders*

I think there are advantages and disadvantages to being a creature of habit. I’ve noticed over the years, when forced out of my very cozy box, I usually end up glad that I took a risk. Three weeks after I got married, I finished my teaching job and hopped on an international flight by myself (never having been out of the country before) and moved to Germany for four years with my hubby who was in the military at the time. I didn’t come home for a year or see my family in that time. I will confess that this was a challenging start to married life for me. I will also tell you it was one of the best times I’ve ever had in my life, once I learned that the air outside the box was breathable. Yeah, you can picture me like a gasping Buzz Lightyear if your so inclined. The best thing about stretching out was that my box grew with me.


Although I like my new and stretchy box, I will tell you that there are good things about being a person who likes things the way they are. Sometimes it feels great to be content. There’s a tendency in our society to SUPER SIZE ME–to upgrade everything.  Don’t get me wrong, I like a brand new, gadget just as much as the next guy. Especially when it’s got an apple logo on it. *grin*  And a nice reliable car with a navigation system is a must for this spaceman with no sense of direction what so ever. But there are things that that I don’t believe are better with a trade in–friendship and family top that list for me.

Walking the line between having dreams and aspirations is tricky. Finding a balance between challenging myself and losing the core of who I am is something I tinker with every day. I don’t always get it right, but I’ve never met anyone who has. So I keep moving forward, carrying my box with me–it makes me feel safe. *snuggles box* And then, when someone pushes me from behind or the box just gets too heavy to cart around, I sit it down, step outside and see what the rest of the world has to offer.

What about you? How attached are you to your box?


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