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Instead of Talking about NaNoWriMo, Let’s Chat About ALLEGIANT

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Yesterday I had this great dream and it was about today’s blog post. I remember being really excited about coming up with such a crazy awesome idea, but now…



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So instead, I thought I’d talk about something that is not NaNoWriMo–which is hard–because when you’re focused on something it tends to be on your mind a lot. But I’m going to do it! Or not do it. You know what I mean.

Any hoo, next on my list of topics I’ve been dying to talk about is the last book in the DIVERGENT trilogy, ALLEGIANT by Veronica Roth.



Only I have a HUGE problem. I don’t feel like I can talk to you about it the way I’d like. There are spoilers I don’t want to slip and give away. But I still want to anyway because there are so many reasons why this  book is fascinating for me. There were things I loved, things I hated. Moments that were wasted and moments where I completely respected the author’s guts. Over all, the book itself had some high points and some not as high points for me. But it’s the response of the studio audience that I find the most intriguing, baffling, slightly horrifying, and completely fascinating. Readers have been up in arms about a variety of things, but particularly the ending. This passionate response raises so many questions for me. What is an author’s obligation to it’s readers? Has that changed with the accessibility of intimate contact through social media? Can anyone write a trilogy where all three books satisfy most readers? Is it the nature of the beast that some readers will always be unhappy? What does a controversial ending mean for the author’s next project? Are there “rules” that shouldn’t be broken? Will all the unrest increase sales or decrease them? Did you love it or hate it or were you somewhere in between?

If you’ve read Allegiant and want to talk about it–please do–I’m dying over here for stimulating ALLEGIANT conversation. But please be sensitive to others and speak vaguely or clearly post spoilers in the comments. And remember that no matter what your thoughts are on the book, Veronica Roth is a fabulous human being who gives so much to the kid lit community. Please be respectful of her . Thank you–you rock!!!!



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Stephen King’s Advice on Becoming a Writer

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I’m busy juggling boys and revisions, but I found an expert to give you advice on being a writer…

Love this!

What’s your favorite genre to read outside of children’s literature? Favorite author? Favorite book? What are you reading that expands your book pallet?

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It’s About Writing the Kind of Books that Send me into a Writing Frenzy at 6:22 am on a Thursday or a Friday

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I’m writing this post at 6:22 on Thursday morning. I’m telling you this for a couple reasons:

#1 This makes it more likely that in my writing frenzy (more to come on that in a minute) I will jump around between the Thursday and Friday point of view and get everyone confused. Usually I sort this kind of problem out. Because I have a brain. But as I mentioned, I am in a writing frenzy (more to come on that in a minute) and it’s 6 freaking 22 in the morning. So beware of the time machine I’m playing with.

#2 The second reason I’m telling you about my 6:22 blog-post-writing-extravaganza is that it is occurring THE DAY BEFORE THE BLOG POST IS DUE! Don’t get me wrong, I do write posts ahead of schedual-ish on some occasions. I’ve also been known to write posts at 6:22 in the am on the day the post is due. *head thunk* But rarely do I write a post that is timely, at 6:22 in the morning. Seriously, everyone knows that’s when you check FB and Twitter, if you are forced by the universe to be awake at such an ungodly hour.

#3 I’m also telling you this because I’m excited. And I don’t always think straight when I’m excited. Why am I excited you ask? Because I’m in a writing frenzy–sort of. The writing frenzy part involves this blog post. And I’ll be honest with you. This was not the blog post you were supposed to get today. I mean yesterday. Heck–Thursday or Friday. (see #1) What I expected to post, whenever I got around to posting it, was a prelude to the 2013 NY SCBWI Conference. I planned on writing the blog as I was packing my stuff. I sort of have a track record for doing that. Typically what happens is I run into my office to grab something I need off of my desk–SHINY–I get distracted and write a little. Of course there are more shiny things to follow, causing me to bounce back and forth. The good news is, so far I haven’t packed my blog or posted my underwear–lucky you. But back to the matter at hand. I am in a blog post writing frenzy because….*drum roll*….I just had an impromptu get-together with THE BOYS IN THE BASEMENT!!!

If you do not know who the Boys in the Basement are, drop everything and go read ON WRITING by Stephen King. Why are you still standing here? Okay–or you can finish this post and then go read it. Since I really appreciate the support I’ll give you a little hint, the Boys in the Basement refers to the writer’s muse. 

I was visited by the muse at 4:30 this morning!!!! *hugs self and jumps up and down* Now don’t get me wrong, the basement boys come all the time. They send up an emissary from below for a cup of coffee or a snack and while he’s here he’ll leave a few nuggets of muse-like wisdom behind. This happens (thank heavens) on a fairly regular basis. The boys take turns dropping by with the perfect name for a character or the page-turning end to a chapter that I’ve been gnawing on for awhile. But today THEY ALL CAME UP.



AND THEY BROUGHT A BOOK!!! A BRAND NEW, SHINY BOOK IDEA AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!! I have a title and a main character. I have plot ideas and supporting characters jumping out at me. It’s different, but it’s me. It’s exciting!!!! The boys brought up so much stuff I had to pop out of bed and grab a notebook. Book #4 has floated up to the surface to be explored and I’m giddy and so happy to see the whole crew at once. Sure, I get nervous when I haven’t seen ALL OF THEM in a bit, but I’ve learned not to worry too much. I’ve come to trust them–they obviously know me better than I know myself. They listen to my signals. In fact, I think they heard me when I was watching all those fabulous ALA award winners and muttering under my breath…someday I’m going to write a book that good. Some day I’m going to be on that list. What might a Printz or a Newbery award winner look like?

Yeah, I did that, but so did everybody else. Even the people who aren’t actually writing books LOL! But for me, perhaps #4  will be the book or maybe it will be #7. Or who know, maybe it’s #2. It doesn’t really matter. I’m not an if girl. I’m more like a when girl. I’ll get there when I’m ready, in my own good time. Right now what I’m focused on is what I CAN control. It’s about writing the kind of books that send me into a writing frenzy at 6:22 am on a Thursday or a Friday. (see #1) And no matter what day it is–I really like that.

Who lives in your basement? What does your muse look like? How do they get the ideas to you? Don’t you hate how tired I’m going to be in a couple hours?

Also, don’t forget, myself and a metric load of other great folks, will be tweeting live from the NY SCBWI Conference. Join in the conversation at #scbwiny13!!!!!!!


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