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The Most Important Thing You Should Know If You Want to Be Repped By Michelle Wolfson!

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There are things you should know if you decide you want the amazing Michelle Wolfson to be you’re agent.  Here’s how the story goes…

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away-pink taser in hand- my agency sistah, Kiersten White started messing with the Universe in order to sell her YA novel Paranormalcy.  

Tawna Fense-not to be out done-decided to jump on board this runaway train.  

Paranormalcy sold in a three book deal AND it also became a New York Times Bestseller!   Kiersten had to make good on her superstitious tempting of fate.

Then…you guessed it.  Tawna sold three books and the hair gods expected payment.  Her first book Making Waves is out this August-she has also paid the hair gods for safe passage into the world of publishing.  

In case you’re wondering, all this hair hoopla was kept very hush, hush by Michelle Wolfson and my agency sistahs.  This is how I found out…

I had a hair appointment scheduled with my uber talented sister-in-law who WILL NOT LET ME TOUCH MY OWN HAIR AFTER THAT ONE JET BLACK HAIR DYE EPISODE.  So, I’ve been waiting for my turn. *taps fingers on desk impatiently*

While I was waiting…this happened!  Linda Grimes sold her book and decided that she wasn’t going to mess with a good thing. LOL!  

So, today was the big day-I couldn’t let my agency sistahs down.  The hair gods have been appeased.  I closed my eyes and let the professional do the work.  She bleached and foiled and and now I hope I have a streak of red-hot luck to match my hair!

Now my only question is…is this just for first-time sales???

Monica Bustamante Wagner and Kasie West…tag, you’re it!

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