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What’s on the Nightstand and Some Other Stuff

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Today I’m cross posting because I’m blogging over at YA Outside the Lines. Our topic for the month is our current reading list. Click here to find out about what I’m reading!

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And just a reminder–I’m running a Library Giveaway! Enter to win one of six signed copies of TOUCHING THE SURFACE for the Library of your choice. All the details are HERE!


It’s easy-peasy to get your library’s name in the hat.


And I’m also taking random questions today. Anything you want to know about writing and publishing–I’ll do my best to answer.

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The Bermuda Triangle Stole My Blog Post

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I was in the Bermuda Triangle of blogs posts this morning!!!!  Grrrr.  I had internet service, but for some reason, my blog page refused–absolutely refused to open–no matter what I did.  I was reluctant to shut the whole computer down, even though I suspected I needed to.  It’s just that I tend to have at least thirteen partially completed things pulled up and active at any given time.  I’m afraid of losing track of them in the shut down.  Finally I gave up, put them all on my dashboard, and did a restart.  It worked, but now it’s sooooo late I’m loath to post my planned Teen Seen interview.  It’s really wonderful, so I think I’m going to save it until Monday.

Hmmmm so how shall I entertain you now?  *eyes pile of edits and glances at watch*  I won’t, but I’ll share an exciting piece of news that I just found out about.  If you want to meet my favorite dragon and the amazing Jodi Moore, here’s your chance…

Off too edit.  *smooch*  Teen Seen on Monday!  Also, if you have any specific topics you’re interested in hearing more about in future blog posts, or have any questions I can try to answer, feel free to ask away.  Have a great weekend.

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Dream Big

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Being a part of the debut author’s group, the Class of 2k12, has allowed me the chance to start working on some blog interviews for the future. I must admit, I find the whole interview thing very fun, it makes the impending, but still so far away debut seem real.  It also makes me think. Yesterday I prepared a response for a blogger and I found myself talking about dreaming big.  I think the topic of dreaming big hit a nerve, sticking with me while I watched last night’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance.  

My first thoughts went to Natalia Mallory who has done what I’ve never done–danced right past conventional body stereo types and kicked ass on the dance floor.  I love this girl and while I think it was the right decision not to put her through to the top 20.  I can’t help but wish that they had.  This girl dreams big and I’m in awe of that.  I hope to see her and her dancing EVERYWHERE in the future.

Second, as I watched the dancers make the long trek down the walkway to discover their fate, I noticed that the contestants who knew that they were going to make it didn’t.  Then ironically, the ones I knew were going to nail it were unsure nervous wrecks–but they made it.

So I’m thinking that dreaming big is less about overt confidence and more about persistence.  I think the secret is not to be confident that you’re a winner, but rather to be confident that you won’t stop until you are.

What’s your next big dream?





Has Social Media Gone Too Far?

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There is ALWAYS debate about social media. Is it good? Is it bad? For every point of view you can find 10 articles to support and disparage the use of it.  There are days when thinking about it makes me feel like this…

I"ll be honest.  I tend to enjoy my social media interactions, but I’ve recently read two blog posts by writers who’ve closed down their Facebook accounts.  They do make interesting arguments–Sarah Ockler and Stephanie Ruble.  

I don’t plan on jumping the social media ship at the moment, but it is a possibility that I might close down my personal FB page and move to having everything on my author page at some point.  But then again…

Any thoughts?

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