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I LOVE September–I Always Have

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Life is crazy at this time of year. Kids head back to school. Mornings come earlier. There’s homework and after school activities.

But there is also daytime alone time.

And as much as I’ll miss have my pack of little men (actually they aren’t so little anymore) to hang out with every day. I am looking forward to having some alone time to write and run and day dream.

But I’m not the only one ready for a little space, a little structure and a bit of room to grow. The boys ┬ámiss their friends. They’ve also hit that end-of-summer stretch of boredom. It is time. Everyone knows it. The nights are cool. Brown is my favorite color again. I love the feel of a worn pair of jeans. I’m craving soup and stew. Soccer has started. I’m no longer hiding the Halloween Costume catalogues in the bottom of the trash to save my sanity.



What is your favorite thing about heading into the Fall? What do you miss the most about summer? I’m not thrilled about getting up early or packing lunches again LOL! Do you write better in the summer or during the school year? All I know is I LOVE SEPTEMBER. I always have. <3


And because it’s my blog and I can do what I want…

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