Just Three More Months!!!!

TOUCHING THE SURFACE is three months away. *does a little happy dance* I can’t believe it’s so close/still so far away!!! Yeah–that’s how I feel. One minute it seems as if it’s right around the corner and the next it feels like it’s still so far away I need binoculars to see it. I’ve got some very exciting book launch information coming your way soon, but until then, you can just dance with me…

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  1. NY 2017 SCBWI Conference Part 2

    February 18, 17

    I’m back for Part 2 of my NY 2017 SCBWI Conference Recap!!! And like these two guys, I’m a bit confused… (Scott Hammon and Justin Brancato) I can’t remember exactly when, during the conference a few of these pictures happened. So–I’m gonna go with it and just kick off with them. This is just a […]

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