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I’ll admit it–as I was packing my boys lunches this morning I did an oh, crap! I forgot to write my blog post. Sorry. So, as I was packing, slicing and spreading I realized that I’d found the perfect connection for the blog. CRUST!

Lets face the truth. Unless you’re eating crusty, rustic bread–no one likes the crust. On plain old store bought loaves, the crust is not the best part of a sandwich. ¬†And that is why I cut it off of my kids lunches. I know that if I do– they’ll eat more and faster–getting in all the good stuff I pack in the sack. But because I was late with my blog post, due to getting ¬†caught up in writing my WIP (completely great excuse for being tardy, right?) I realized that one of the reasons that I’m so motivated to get this draft on paper, is so that I can cut the crust. Yup, when you revise, you take a story and you make it easy for the reader to ingest and you highlight the very best parts. You can cut it up into fun shapes, package it in unique ways, add sides and so on. Revision is just fun.

But you can’t cut the crust until you finish the sandwich. Technically, I guess you could cut the crust off the bread and then make the sandwich but I’ve got to warn you–the edges aren’t as clean. The peanut butter and jelly drips out. It’s just not as pretty to look at. But that’s just my opinion.

Lunches are packed and I’d better get this post up so I can can get back to that WIP. I’m thinking that later, I just might eat a sandwich while I’m working on it. What’s you’re favorite sandwich? Crust on? Crust off?

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  1. Nice analogy!

    But it doesn’t exactly work for me. I always eat the crust–and on homemade bread, it’s my favorite part.

  2. It’s my favorite on homemade bread too!!!!

  3. I will admit to being a crust fan, even on store bought bread. My kids even give me their crusts – which is, I guess, a lot like being a writing teacher. My students leave on the crust and I show then how to take it off.

    • Ha! I manage to pull out all the crust lovers with the post LOL!

  4. Love your crusty analogy!

    I do like the crust on artisan breads, and homemade breads, and bakery breads. But store-bought? I’m with you. Fuhgetaboutit.

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