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I Read for Ten Miles

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I read for 10 miles yesterday!!! Wait that sounds a little weird. Let me clarify–I ran my longest run ever and the whole time I was running I was listening to a really awesome audiobook!!!!!! There are not enough exclamation points for a sentence like that. LOL! And it gets even better because I’ve acclimated to having a brain where half my attention is completely absorbed in the awesomeness of the story, but the other half is studying writing technique. *fist pump*


So, if I wasn’t clear about the awesomeness of what was going on, I spent about two hours of my busy day multitasking in the best of ways. I got to exercise while being simultaneously entertained and educated. And the bonus plan was that I didn’t have to feel bad about my Wednesday night bowl of ice cream because I burned 1,000 calories on that run. The only thing that was kinda tough was staying awake long enough to get my own writing done for the day–especially when everything (including my fingers) hurt LOL! I think today I’ll read the old fashioned way…snuggled up on the couch.

Anyone else reading for distance? Any audiobook lovers in the crowd? They are great in the car (can still be measured in miles) LOL! And they also make folding laundry a much better experience. Any guess about what book I finished on my run? I’ll give you a hint…it’s an adult apocalyptic novel getting a lot of well earned buzz. I really loved it.

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A Tween Audiobook Aficionado

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According to the Audio Publishers Association JUNE IS AUDIOBOOK MONTH!!!¬†You probably know that I’m a HUGE audiobook fan, or as my son just yelled out…NERD! But he is too–so I thought I would have him be a guest blogger today to talk about the supreme awesomeness of audiobooks!

Jamison is 11 years old and he’s dyslexic, making audiobooks, not only a pleasure, but an integral part of his ability to enjoy reading. Since he’s bugging the crap out of me right now–“I thought I was going to get to say something”– I think it’s time to turn over this post to him…

Curled up in bed and listening.

“I think audiobooks are cool because I am dyslexic and it is hard for me to read, so when I read audiobooks it helps me to understand the words. Sometimes I listen and read the books at the same time which helps. I also think it’s interesting to hear the character’s voices in an audiobook. I may make mistakes when I read or not pronounce the words right, so I really like hearing how they are suppose to sound.”

As a mom of a child with dyslexia, I’m thrilled to have audiobooks to share with him because his vocabulary, comprehension and areas of interest are in a completely different place than his independent reading level. Audiobooks give him access when I’m not around to read to him–or if he wants to read the ERAGON SERIES for the umpteenth time. *head thunk* Audiobooks have enabled a child who has an extremely difficult time reading in a traditional manner– to consider himself an avid reader–a book lover. In my opinion that makes audiobooks priceless.

Well, you heard it from two audiobook nerds–it’s time to get your ears on and listen to a great book!!!!

In honor of Audiobook Month…What’s you’re favorite audiobook? What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done while listening to an audiobook? If you’ve never tried it–why?



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June is Audiobook Month

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I’m a huge fan girl of audiobooks.  My very first teaching job was an hour and a half away from home and I never hated the ride because I was reading.  When I was getting my Masters in Special Education I was also traveling an hour and a half each way to the U of A and once again–I enjoyed the ride.  I looked forward to it. 

I’m no longer a commuter.  The walk from any room in my house to my desk doesn’t burn enough calories to warrant the consumption of an extra M & M.  But that hasn’t stopped me from continuing my love affair with the audio book. I’d like to introduce you to my little buddy Bob. (I’ve named him Bob because he just looks like a Bob to me.)

Bob is my tiny, yet powerful portable Altec Lansing speaker.  He’s my best buddy when I’m folding mountains of laundry–I could only like him more if he was actually folding and putting stuff away.  In fact, Bob even keeps me company in the shower.  He’s a gentleman and always averts his eyes–at least I think he does.

Audiobooks are not just a pleasure in my house–they are vital.  My 10 year old son is dyslexic and audiobooks allow his intelligence to be accurately reflected in his reading material.  He devours novels on audiobooks that he would never have access to unless I was reading to him aloud.  I read to him all the time, but an audiobook allows him to have his own independence.  He can read books I may not like, that he loves and he can have access to them whenever he wants to pull out a book.  When he describes himself as a reader he tells me…”I’m just like my mom–I have a passion for books.”  I am certain he would not feel that way without audiobooks in his life.

I’m also looking forward to hearing TOUCHING THE SURFACE in an audio format someday. I’m  just as excited for my ears as I am for my hands and eyes.  Both versions are special to me.  There’s just something powerful about an audiobook, when the voices come alive and allow me the opportunity to let my mind wander and discover right along with the author.  I want to do that with my own words…it’s on my bucket list.

And lastly, if I haven’t sold you yet, some books with tricky names or accents are just amazing to listen to in an audio format. Some of my favorites being THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, HARRY POTTER and THE HELP.

Last night I finished PLEASE IGNORE VERA DIETZ.  It was an amazing book–period. But let me tell you, listening to all the voices was the icing on the cake.  It was amazing and now I’m hungry.

What was the last audiobook that you’ve read?

***Adding in the link that Chris mentioned below-Jim Dale on Harry Potter Audio


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