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On Being an Author

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October 30th is drawing a little closer every day and I’m starting to do random authory things but I haven’t really hit my full stride yet, and probably won’t for awhile. That’s why your Monday needs a little Jackson Pearce talking about what it’s like to be an author.

What was your biggest misconception about being an author? What’s your take on job vs. career? Were you surprised by anything Jackson had to say?

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My Parents Didn’t Name Me Kelly

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If it had been up to my parents, you’d soon be reading a novel called TOUCHING THE SURFACE by an author named Kelly Sabatini.  Now–all you girls named Kelly out there–it’s a great name.  Wear it with pride.  I love the name for YOU–it’s just not the right name for me.  Now granted, if the neighbors who lived in our apartment building when I was born, had had a dog named Bruno, instead of a German Shepard named Kelly then I’d likely be a Kelly and be none the wiser.  Odds are, that I would have led a well adjusted life, completely oblivious to the fact that I’d be short a Wednesday blog post forty something years later.  *grin*

But… even when I was a little kid and my parents told me the whole dog/name story, I always breathed a little sigh of relief.  I couldn’t help but think that I’d been a little too close to spending my whole life with the wrong name.  I’m sensitive that way and Kellypoppins just doesn’t have the same effect as Kimmiepoppins.  *Phew*

My name had other benefits too.  Growing up, I always classified other people by the name that they called me by.  If someone walked up and addressed me Kimmie–I just figured that we were related.  My family called me Kimmie–they still do.  And the rest of the world just called me Kim.  I’ve always liked both names so, it’s never been an issue.  The only problem was that I also secretly liked my other name–Kimberly–but no one ever used it.  I guess I’m just surrounded by nick-namey people.  But I like that.  It makes me feel loved.  Even so, it never stopped me from also wanting to use my “full title”, so to speak.  At one point in elementary school, I thought about making a public announcement that everyone should call me by Kimberly, but honestly I wasn’t that gutsy.  Or convinced that I could handle a more “sophisticated” name.   So, I came up with a plan.  I decided that I would sign all my writing with the name Kimberly.  It would be my author name and someday I would use it on the cover of the book I would write.  I started to address myself as Kimberly in my diary and I began to sign all my writing the same way…

You can really see where my tendency to write dark, dramatic material started.  *snicker*  

It wasn’t too long ago when my agent, Michelle Wolfson and my editor Anica Rissi asked me if I would be using Kim or Kimberly on the cover of my book.  For just the briefest minute, I thought about using Kim, because I’ll be honest, I’m still not used to people calling me Kimberly out loud.  Sometimes I even look over my shoulder to see if they’re talking to me LOL!  But then I remembered my dreams and I figure they were big enough to carry me along during those years when I forgot what I was wishing for…

What name would you put on the cover of your book?

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