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Oh, For Pete’s Sake

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Who was the original Pete that has spawned this well used phrase? And am I even saying it right, because until Michelle Wolfson set me straight I’d always thought I had another thing coming. Yup, that’s why I’ve been stalking the UPS guy! the truth is that I have to think again because it’s…you’ve got another THINK coming. Who knew? Obviously Michelle and possibly Pete, but definitely not me. ¬†Any way, the reason I’m talking about Pete really has nothing to do with his well being. My Internet accidentally got unplugged by the guys working in the house and the pile of wires looks like scary octopus spawn and I can’t get the dang thing figured out–even for Pete’s sake. May he rest in peace. He can’t possibly be still alive.

So, I’m on my iPad way past my mandatory early to bed, the kids are back inschool and I have to be up at 5:30 time, and I’m writing a blog post because I know your day couldn’t possibly be complete without this post. *snicker* I’ve got no links and because I believe that all good posts should have a picture, I’m gonna find you something special from whatever I can find on my iPad. On second thought…that may be a bit of a problem. But I’ll see what I can do from my phone.

Forgive the typos, the lack of links and the possible invisible picture. Please. Also tell me what your favorite thing to do when the Internet is out and you can’t say read because we’re all bookworms. LOL! Okay, this mess of a blog, not even proofread is going live now because I’m going to bed.

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