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Am I a Writer? Check Your Grocery List

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If you write words down on paper, you my friend, are a writer.

If you dream about writing words on paper, you’re a dreamer. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t getting close. If writing is your goal, you’re almost there. You just have to take that extra step. And by the way–you still get to be a dreamer. You don’t have to give that up. In fact, it’s part of the job. Day dream and scribble stuff about it on paper. Or type it. We do that too, now a days.

So far you’re with me, right? We dream and scribble. But the scribble has to have purpose. It involve words with intent. It can’t be  just your grocery list.


I’m sitting home and feeling hungry, dreaming about chocolate chip cookie dough. I Decide I must have dough NOW. But I also need five other things at the store. Milk to go with the cookies. Paper towels to clean up the mess. And shampoo, olives and tomatoes. Because when does life make sense? So, I scribble down my list of five things plus chocolate chip cookie dough ingredients and presto….now I am a writer. NOT!

To be a writer you have to dream, scribble and create with purpose. It might only be meaningful to you, but that’s ok. No one says a writer’s audience has to be bigger than one. Each writer should  find value in what they put on the page.

Now, don’t mistake meaningful with serious. It doesn’t have to be serious. It also doesn’t have to be particularly brilliant. It simply has to be connected to you. Really, it’s not that hard. It doesn’t even have to be conscious intent. You wouldn’t believe how much of myself I find in my writing AFTER I go back and examine it–even the word doodles. (the little bits and pieces that come from our subconscious)

Writing is many, many wonderful things. Just not the grocery list. But feel free to day dream while doing your shopping. I do it all the time.



Now you know if you’re a writer or not. And if you use my definition, there are a lot more writers out there than you expected. But don’t worry, not all of them want to be authors. I hear some of you gasping. It’s true, lots of writers strive to be published, but not everyone does. It’s ok–it’s all good. Tolerance people. There’s room for all us nuts in the nut bowl. But you’re not wrong either. There are lots of us that do want to be published. It’s like an itch we can’t scratch. An itch covered in poison ivy in the middle of our back where we can’t reach it. But we keep working on it until we no longer have the itch.

Oh, wait–I just spilled the beans.

I told you the secret to getting published some day. YOU KEEP WORKING ON IT. It’s not magic. It won’t happen without the effort. This is not a what came first? the chicken or the egg? scenario. Everyone starts as a writer. NO ONE STARTS AS AN AUTHOR. I mean it–grocery lists do not get published. Imagine walking down the grocery store aisle, slipping your fingers into a jumbo tub of cookie dough (because you don’t have patients to wait until you get those fresh ingredients home) licking your fingers. Yum! Then you drop your grocery list. And then a publisher walks by and picks it up. YOU’VE BEEN DISCOVERED!!!

Yeah, it NEVER happens that way.

So for the writer who is itching to be an author, let me recap…



have intent.

keep working.


Right now I’m going to stop and hold you. A great big, warm, itchy, covered-in-cookie-dough hug. Because I have to tell you the hard part. You can do those four things and never get published. There is secret sauce. It’s ingredients are some well guarded combination of luck, timing, talent, personality, cat hair and chocolate.

*hold me closer*

Here is the truth about publishing and life…


You can do everything “right” and still get it “wrong.”

Only that’s not how you should look at it. It’s not “right” and “wrong.” IF Yoda were here, he’d say it’s WRITE or WRITE NOT. I love Yoda. So wise that little green cutie pie.

I will always choose WRITE. I remember what WRITE NOT feels like. It’s not a place I ever want to be again. But since I’ve been there, I do understand. WRITE=COURAGE. Yup–you guessed it. Totally don’t need courage to write the grocery list. You need it to write with intent and to keep going when people tell you you suck monkey balls. You also need it to take an infant, toddler and preschooler grocery shopping with you. (Thank goodness those days are over.) But you don’t need it to write the grocery list.

And in case your wondering–we all have courage. It’s a part of our make-up. It comes down to choice. Who do you decide to be today? That one is up to you. What you should know is when I look back over all the occasions I bowed to fear, I’ve always had regrets. But on all the occasions where I’ve found my courage, even when my knees were knocking, even when I chose “wrong”–I never had regrets. Trust me, there is good stuff on the other side of courage.


Advice for the writer who hopes to be published, but regardless of what’s in the sauce, wants to live their best life…



have intent.

keep working.

be courageous.


How can you help out writers, who hope to be published or are trying to sell their damn books, while still living their best life? Be supportive. We are not competing against each other. Instead think of it as a group of people who are on a quest to turn the whole world into readers!!!!  *fist pump* There is power in numbers and kindness.

Today I’d like to introduce you to a writer friend who hopes to be published and who’s trying to live her best life with courage. Meet Jeannie Intrieri.



Jeannie writes YA fiction and has just started a blog. I very clearly remember how hard it is to start writing posts. Is anybody out there??? I went years without comments or any idea if anyone was really reading my blog. Hello? You guys are still with me right?

Anyway, I thought it would be really nice if you could stop by and check out Jeannie’s blog. She wrote all about today’s topic from her own perspective. Check out…SO YOU THINK YOU CAN WRITE?

You can also connect with Jeannie here:




And I think we should keep the good will going. Do you have a writer friend that has a really great overlooked blog? Today is the day to give them a shout out! Tell me about your writer buddy and post a link to their blog in the comments. If you have the time dear readers, stop by and check out all the blogs listed. Why? Because we’re a community and we dream together, we write together, we share intent. We cheer each other on to keep working and we look to each other to find our own courage. We are writers.


Happy Halloween!!!!!!



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Save the Date!!!!

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OMG!!! I have booked my very first author event EVAH!!!!  *stops and does a little dance* I am so stinking excited. *dances a little more*

Oblong Books & Music: Rhinebeck, NY
Hudson Valley YA Society: Book Launch Party

The Hudson Valley YA Society (HVYAS): was co-founded by Jennifer Laughran, formerly of Books Inc. in San Francisco, creator of “Not Your Mother’s Book Club”, and Suzanna Hermans, co-owner, Oblong Books & Music. The events attract avid teen readers and teen book bloggers, as well as grownup YA fans and writers, in fun party-like “literary salon” atmosphere, with refreshments, conversation, and giveaways for attendees.

Author:  Kimberly Sabatini

Title:  Touching the Surface

Date:  Sunday, November 4, 2012

Time:  4:00pm:

Event:   Book Launch Party w/discussion, reading, Q&A, & book signing

Location:  Oblong Books and Music
6422 Montgomery Street (Rt. 9)
Rhinebeck, New York  12572

*yeah…still dancing*

I know it’s a little early to start to promote this event, but I just had to share it with you. Kind of like a “Save the Date” pre-invitation. This is a FABULOUS bookstore and I’ve sat in the audience at Oblong many times, always having an amazing experience. To get to be on the other side of this–it’s truly a dream come true. Kind of like coming home after a long journey…

I’m also working on some other events for the week of my launch. I’m very lucky to live and write in a community that is so amazingly supportive. I want to have plenty of opportunities to share this experience with everyone who has been there for me. It isn’t easy to declare yourself a writer before you become published. It isn’t unusual for people to think that you have a “cute little hobby” or that perhaps–you’re a little looney. My friends and family have never done that to me. My community has always stood behind me and I feel lucky to live where I do. They have encouraged and supported and believed and it has made all the difference. So, as soon as I finalize the other arrangements, I’ll let you know about them in the hopes that everyone I love can be a part of this with me. And when things get a little bit closer, I’ll have the official invites…everywhere LOL!

Any tips for book launches that you’d like to share? What would your dream book launch look like? Have you been to any book signing events that have knocked your socks off? I’m always interested in any good advice you have to share.

PS I’m on vacation next week. You can call me Bahama Mama. Going swimming with the dolphins. That bucket list is getting it’s butt kicked lately. *grin* I’m planning on blogs magically appearing on Monday, Wednesday and Friday…but if they don’t…it’s the dolphin’s fault. *grin*

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