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Guest Post on YAOTL: The Books I Wished I’d Written

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I’m blogging over at YA Outside the Lines Today. This month we’re talking about The Books We Wished We’d Written.

What??? It was like eating chocolate covered potato chips. I couldn’t pick just one or two or…

You get the idea.

But as tough as it was to decide on some favorites, I feel so lucky to have read and been affected by so many stellar books over the course of my life. As far as tough choices go, there are worse things I could be forced to do. *grin*


Which books did I pick and how did I narrow it down? You’re going to have to click HERE to find out!

What books do you wish you’d written?


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What’s Your Favorite Thingamajig?

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During the last school visit I attended, I was asked by a student what my favorite genre was.

Photo on 4-9-13 at 2.01 PMMe: Confused

Gahhhh!!!!! I couldn’t pick. My tastes are varied. The clock was ticking. Teen readers were looking at me like I was a nut.  I wondered how I was going to answer the question???? And then it hit me. BAM!

Photo on 4-9-13 at 2.03 PMMe: Light bulb moment

I don’t have a favorite genre. I don’t even have a favorite type of book. I have a favorite thingamajig. You know–a thingamajig–wait–you don’t know???? I’ll bet you’d know it if you saw it. It’s the kind of book that makes you do this…

Photo on 4-9-13 at 2.09 PM #2

Photo on 4-9-13 at 2.09 PM #3

Photo on 4-9-13 at 2.10 PM #2

Photo on 4-9-13 at 2.12 PM #2

Photo on 4-9-13 at 2.12 PM #3

Photo on 4-9-13 at 2.20 PM

My most recent thingamajiggy books are anything by Chris Cleave. Chris is an adult author from across the pond. And while I’m reading fabulous YA and MG books right now, his writing haunts me as a reader and a writer. So much so, he’s become one of my favorite authors and the adult author I’m most captivated by. What’s your favorite thingamajig?

Book by Chris Cleave:




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