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The Best Things Happen When You Aren’t Looking

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Sorry I missed you on Tuesday. I was thawing out.



The whole family was away on a ski trip that was awesome but very, very cold. How cold you ask?

Yeah, about a -24 on the top of the mountain. It was a mighty breezy gondola ride LOL! I felt like I was frozen half the weekend. Thank the stars for hot tubs. But, when I did get home, I was rather occupied. I had a long lost puppy to hug.

IMG_0418 It was the first time the little fur baby stayed with someone else. He did great but once we had him back, there was lots of hugging going on. And don’t forget that when I arrived home, I had a whole different mountain to climb–Mt. Laundrious. I think I’m still out there on one of the permanent press peaks. Bleh!

But today, even though it was still cold, the kids went to school on time. There were no weather delays, which allowed me to do something fabulous called writing. *sigh* It was wonderful to have an UNINTERRUPTED chunk of time with my manuscript. I hammered out over a 1,000 words in a reasonable amount of time, but it isn’t the word count I’m writing about. (Although it makes me very happy.) Rather, what’s worthy of a blog post is the unexpected thing that happened…

BAM! One of my characters blindsided me right along with my MC.


We are both still reeling from the unexpected development. He did what??? I’m still baffled. I NEVER thought this character would do THAT. But he did. I knew it for absolute certain even though I don’t know exactly what that means for my MC at the moment. It has rattled my cage, but it also makes me content to be a pantster. The truth is that some days I panic, being a fly by the seat of my pants kind of a girl. When I hit a tough spot, I’m SURE ┬áif I could just outline, my life would be complete. COMPLETE!

But then a moment like today happens and I bask in my creative process. This development could have never come from an outline. At least not my outlines. Those are nuttier than an peanut factory. The simplest way I can explain the joy of this thing that happened, is to say that it’s a small moment of confirmation. It reminds me that I’m not really crazy–not THAT crazy anyway. *shrugs* I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing, y’all.

And of course, tomorrow or maybe next week, I’ll be back to wishing I had a road map for a book, instead of just headlights, hope and instinct to guide my way. Traveling in the dark can be hard and even kind of scary, but that’s why I wrote this post. It’s to remind me that sometimes the best things happen when you aren’t looking.


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Just Waiting Around

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Back in the day–we’ll if I’m honest, back not so many days ago–I would’ve told you I’d NEVER be a dog owner. And now, here I am, chewing at the bit to go pick up my 9 week old German Shepherd puppy. There was a conspiracy against me and YOU know who you are. *points finger* But despite my initial 44 and half years of dog ownership reservations, I’m actually very excited that I’ve changed my mind. Obviously word of mouth is a powerful thing. I’ve been exposed to too many happy dog families lately. And I am a mom of three boys–isn’t there a manual that says a puppy is mandatory? That’s what the kids were telling me anyway. The new Sabatini pup, to be named Riley, was supposed to come home yesterday but with the weather and some other unavoidable issues, the pick-up got cancelled. Boo! Now I’m waiting to reschedule either Friday, Saturday or Monday and while we sort it out, all the Sabatini’s look a lot like this…

German shepherd puppy lying


We’re just waiting around.

(Not the actual puppy in case you’re wondering)

We’ve never even met the little, but everyone in the house is both nuts with anticipation and a little bummed at the same time. Once you make the decision to give a home to a pup, you don’t want to wait to bring him home. But we have to. *growls like a ferocious puppy* Hopefully by my next blog post I’ll have real puppy pictures for you. In the meantime, it’s time to give me your very best piece of puppy parenting advice. I have a feeling I’m going to need it.

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