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Bookanistas Review: BRAZEN by Katherine Longshore

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Katherine Longshore keeps getting better and better. In my opinion, BRAZEN (The Royal Circle, Book 3) is her best book yet!


Mary Howard has always lived in the shadow of her powerful family. But when she’s married off to Henry Fitzroy, King Henry VIII’s illegitimate son, she rockets into the Tudor court’s inner circle. Mary and “Fitz” join a tight clique of rebels who test the boundaries of court’s strict rules with their games, dares, and flirtations. The more Mary gets to know Fitz, the harder she falls for him, but is forbidden from seeing him alone. The rules of court were made to be pushed…but pushing them too far means certain death. Is true love worth dying for?

Kimberly’s Review of BRAZEN:

I’ve never been one to lean in the direction of historical fiction until I started reading Katherine Longshore’s books and BRAZEN is my favorite to date. Her writing just keeps getting better and better. It’s so rare to find a book that is historically educational while also as tantalizing and swoon worthy as a very popular romance. An amazing read.

Mary Howard and Henry FitzRoy are chess pieces in the very real and dangerous games being played in King Henry VIII’s court. But love has a power all it’s own and Longshore gives us front row seats to the danger and intrigue. You do not want to miss your chance to be a part of this. Read BRAZEN–better yet–read GILT, TARNISH and then BRAZEN asap!


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Having spent time as a freelance travel writer, travel agent, coffee shop barista, bookseller, ship’s steward, construction company contracts manager and Montessori preschool teacher, I have finally found my calling. I write historical fiction for young adults. I am represented by Catherine Drayton of InkWell Management.

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If you could read a historical fiction about any time period in history, what time frame would you like to see between the pages of a good book? I want to hear more about the Berlin Wall and what that felt like for families separated and trying to get home to each other. Okay historical fiction writers–get on that for me.

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Because Art Creates Art and Love Creates Love

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You’ve all heard me talk about how writing is my voice.  
Dance has always been my wings.  
Mary Ritter, my Workshop dance instructor, survived breast cancer this year. Every Tuesday night we’d all show up to dance and love one another through it–the good times and the bad.  This recital performance was a celebration of the power of friendship and love.  As one of my fellow dancers said the other night after class–“I didn’t know a small group of people could have such a tremendous impact on my life, love you Workshop.”   
Yeah, I love you Workshop. 

During this week of Thanksgiving, when we try to remember all that we are thankful for, I am reminded how lucky I am to have these beautiful women as my friends.  I am grateful to be surrounded by people who know that love creates more love…

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Every Heart

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Squeaking in extra rehearsals for all my dances.  The recital is a week away!!!!  So much fun.  Had a extra rehearsal last night and thought that all my writer friends and everyone with a heart could relate to this one.  Have an amazing weekend.

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Bless Our Show and Our Books

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It’s that time of year again.  No, I don’t mean NaNoWriMo.  For me, November is for dance.  My local dance studio, where I grew up dancing and now teach and still take class has it’s annual recital every year in November.  It’s been–lets just say–awhile since my first performance. LOL!

Yeah, I started out as a Can-Can Girl.  And I still remember parts of that dance and have the costume.  Can you tell this stuff doesn’t mean anything to me.  *grin*

Well, the recital isn’t for a couple weeks yet, but our stage rehearsal is TOMORROW!!!!  And can I let you in on a little secret?  I think I love rehearsal day the best.  It’s exciting, yet relaxed.  I get to see all the new dances for the first time.  There’s an audience, but they’re my peers.  And I love watching the newest dancers put it together for the first time.  Watching someone discover what it’s like to dance on stage is like watching magic happen.

So, in my mind, the show starts tomorrow.  And if that’s the case we should probably bless our show…

If you are a local yokel like me, tickets for the show are on sale at the studio.  They sell out every year, so don’t wait.  I you check out the show, you’ll get to see me and my “sisters” Bless our Show on November 18th and 19th.  Lots of fun–I promise!

And because I can’t resist talking about writing, remember that 2012 is right around the corner.  It won’t be long until the Apocalypsies and Class of 2k12 books hit the book shelves.  And in fact, many are already making the rounds as ARC’s (Advanced Reader Copies.)  I’ve had the pleasure of getting a sneak peek at many of the books and 2012 is going to put on quite a show!

What book are you looking forward to the most in 2012?  (And while I appreciate the love–you can’t say TOUCHING THE SURFACE.)  Although feel free to stop by Goodreads and add it to your To-Be-Read list.  (((hugs)))

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