My First Author Event?

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Just a few days after I sold TOUCHING THE SURFACE to Anica Rissi at Simon Pulse, I got a letter home in the 7 year old’s book bag.  The second graders were studying communities and were asking parents to come in to do a mini job fair with the kids.  I looked at the sign up sheet, bit my lip and took the plunge.

(I can’t lie-I giggled and did a little happy dance when I saw this.  Didn’t even care about the name typo.)

Then I put the date on my calendar and forgot about it, until I realized that I should bring stuff with me that was authory.  But what should I bring?  I don’t actually have a book at this point.  I took my best guess and stuffed a bag with authory stuff and headed out.  Of course, as I made my way to the school, it was raining like I was in the middle of a biblical plague.  There weren’t even any close parking spots. Can you picture me hauling a giant dance bag, a rather large bag of book stuff and a pocket book while balancing an umbrella and herding the 5 year old?  Kind of hilarious, but so worth it when I got to do this…

You know I was grinning like a little fool.  And of course two of my favorite mom librarians were there and there was extra jumping up and down and looking silly.  

So what did I bring and why did I bring it?

I started with a variety of dance shoes, my teacher’s notebook and some pics of me dancing over the years… What was that?  Oh, you wanted to know about the author stuff? Just kidding. 

I arrived with the tools of the trade!  I started with a hard copy of my manuscript that I’d used with a beta reader.  The guesses of how long it took me to write that thing ranged from 7 days to 200 years.  My response?  "That would make me like 227 years old."  *grin*  My humor totally went over their heads.

I also brought books and magazines that I like to read.  Some I read for pleasure and some are about craft and some straddled both.  I explained that if you want to be a writer, the single most important thing you could do was be a reader.  And own a dictionary.  And be proficient at marketing and networking…(Notice I was doing subliminal sales for my fellow wolf-pack member Kiersten White and her YA novel Paranormalcy.)

Lastly, I brought chocolate.  I shouldn’t have to explain my love of it by this point in our relationship, but this was no ordinary chocolate.  This was editor love chocolate.  I sniff it often while admiring the amazing note from my editor AND THEN I wander off to find similar looking chocolate to eat while I’m writing.  I can’t part with this one.  *I reserve the right to revise that statement in a chocolate emergency.

So was it fun?  Being an author/dance instructor, role-model, thing-a-ma-jiggy?  

Ummmm…YES! YES! YES!

I even got some love from my own second grader.  He picked me first. *phew* with his gaggle of guy friends.  They all sat down and with my most serious looking face I said…"I’m pretty sure I know which hat you guys want me to wear for this interview.  Today I’m going to teach you all about ballet."  *gasp*  I never said I was a nice author.

But paybacks can be tough…

(My favorite second grader.)

After I told the boys all about being a WRITER, they tumbled off like a pack of puppies and an adorable little blonde girl wandered over… 

Girl: "Are you Ty’s mom?"

Me: "Yes, I am."

Girl: "He’s been telling me a lot about you."

Me: (Beaming) "I hope he’s saying all good things." (Beams some more)

Girl: "Eh, about half and half."

Me: *Head thunk* followed by a *grin.*  We all know the truth-any publicity is good publicity, right?

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  1. Oh that must have been so exciting!!
    I'm proud of you 😀
    And YAY for subliminal sales!!

  2. It was really adorable. It is such a great school and yes, subliminal sales are in morion!

  3. I dont even know you aside from your blog but I am proud of you too. I am so shy that even doing a school thingy for my children is overwhelming…gasp! I would have to talk….to people….. I love what you brought and the fun you found in it. Maybe one of these days I will be able to make it over the hurdle of public speaking. My publisher would like that I'm sure.

  4. Oh, Courtney. (((((hugs))))) I'm on the shy side too…but no one would ever know it because I cover it up by being an extrovert. *grin*

  5. Wonderful!! 🙂

  6. Amy-by the time we were getting ready to leave the whole place smelled like pizza. Seriously almost set up camp. *grin*

  7. What a great display! You rocked it, girl. 😀

  8. Thank you! Think of what I could have done if I had a purple stripe in my hair? *grin* Appointment moved up to the 4th….

  9. That is so awesome Ms. Kim. And the kids looks so adorable! lol… I really like the last part, it really sends me laughing… It's so cute! :]

  10. Kids say the darndest things! *wink*

  11. Awesome! Those are such great pics! I keep trying to tell my 6-yr-old little boy that mommy is getting a book published like in his library at school, but yeah, he's too busy chasing whatever momentary shiny distraction has taken his attention to care!

  12. Heather…maybe they can make your book cover shiny??? :o) Boys. <3

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