Wolf Pack Post-Sale Ritual?

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Thursday night, fellow Wolf Pack member Tawna Fenske was contemplating what to do with her hair during her yoga class.  Because great minds think alike, uber agent Michelle Wolfson and I suggested a french braid would be the cure all to her yoga woes.  I nodded off to sleep that night, content in the knowledge that I had done my grooming duty for the pack.  Little did I know what I would wake up to on Friday morning…

From tawnafenske…@WolfsonLiterary hair too slippery to stay in braid. Speaking of hair @kimmiepoppins =Wolf Pack post-sale ritual: http://bit.ly/9wXSIR 

Of course I clicked on the link and this is what I discovered…WOLF PACK POST-SALE RITUAL!!!!!  Which led me to this post, which cemented my fate…KIERSTEN WHITE STARTED THIS!!!!!

Was this clause in my contract?  Had I missed it?  I was starting to wonder about my agency contract and the fine print that seemed to be getting smaller and smaller…


I could go on but these were the best ones my thesaurus had to offer.  

So now what do I do?  Tempt fate? Kiersten White is the NYTimes Best Selling author of PARANORMALCY  and SUPERNATURALLY (out in August) and is writing the third book in the trilogy. Tawna Fenske has her first book MAKING WAVES out on August 2nd.  The colored hair is WORKING!!!! I also would like to point out that even outside the Wolf Pack, there is reason to believe that paranormal hair is directly linked to literary success.   Stephanie Perkins, author of ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS, is rocking the blue!

I’m in.

And it won’t be a little piece of fake colored hair on a little comb–because honestly, I don’t want some fake little piece of success, hanging on by a hair’s breath.  Too risky!  Plus, I may have always wanted to do this and never had a good excuse.  *grin*  And honestly, if I do it…Linda Grimes, Monica Bustamante Wagner and Kasie West (all much more fair haired than I) will have to do it too.  *wicked wolf pack grin*

I have a hair appointment with my FABULOUS Sister-in-Law, Christina Sabatini-Pierantozzi, at Soul Therapy on March 11th.  So now I need to take a Kim "Pole" and see what you think.  What color should I get?  

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  1. Can't wait to see what color you go with! I enjoyed the purple myself, but I think we're due for blue or green.

    Congrats again!


  2. NOOOOO, Kim, don't do it! (because then I'll have to) 🙂 I vote for green.

  3. Teal!! My sister did teal (for no reason other than she wanted to) and it was actually really cute.

  4. That's cool, Kim – I love seeing all the pics of the authors with their colorful streaked hair! I'd love to see you with lots of pink/fuschia or flame red streaks! They would blend in great with your hair color & would look wildly creative! Looking forward to seeing your pic with your cool hair color!

  5. So many colors to choose from! Hmm…have you considered canary yellow?

    Whatever you decide, have tons of fun with it! 🙂

  6. I think I'm with Casie on this one! LOL!

    How about blue?? Oh, wait! Turquoise! I LOVE turquoise! Ha!

    I look forward to seeing your next picture!! 😀
    And again, you KNOW how happy I am for you about your sale, right? WTG, sistah!! 😀

  7. I think it's between purple and blue…but I have to consult my stylist to see what she thinks *wink* Too funny!

  8. Pink. Definitely. There's something very pink (in the best possible way) about you.

    Ooh wait, it's between purple and blue.

    Mmm. Blue, then. Blue is cool!

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