I Did Not Squee! (Out Loud) TOUCHING THE SURFACE in the Wild

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Okay….here it is…my first time seeing my book in a bookstore. Take your Dramamine because between the fact that I was trying to walk, talk and video, in addition to being pretty darn nervous/excited–motion sickness is a reasonable outcome LOL!

Don’t you love how I’m “trying to be incognito?” Like there might be swarms of people ready to pounce on me. ROTFL!!! It’s just that I didn’t really know what to say–it’s pretty darn overwhelming. I can tell you that I stopped the video where I did so I could pick up one of my books and hold it. *heart squish*

Don’t forget I’m still looking for at  least one person for every state to become a Hot Spot!!!! Sign up and get a TOUCHING THE SURFACE T-shirt!!!! And possibly an annotated copy of my book. Click HERE to find out how to be a Team Tipping the Surface Hot Spot. And yes, I did get a map to hang in my office like I worked at NASA or something and it might look something like this…

Bigger map picture to come when I’ve got all my Hot Spots up! Right now I’ve got the first eight out and in the mail!!!

So…does anyone else have any strange visual strategies that help them to motivate and organize? If I ever get that last pile of stuff off of the office floor, you’ll see a couple more LOL! Soon. (I’m totally lying.)

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  1. I promise that when I see your book in the bookstore I will be squeeling, taking pictures, and telling everyone that I know you. Congratulations!! What a great moment.

    • Thank you soooooo much!!!!!! Ten and a half more days!!!!

  2. Love that video!!! Hope you’re enjoying every bit of this whole experience as much as I’m enjoying your book (which is FANTASTIC!!).

  3. OMG!!! THat was awesome!! CONGRATS!!!!
    And lol. So funny–I even loved the music you put.
    I’m SO FREAKING proud of you, sistah!!! <3333

    • You’ll always be my sistah!!!!! Love you too!!!!!

  4. Well, *I’m* squeeing out loud!!! <3 SOOO proud of and excited for you!!! <3 <3 <3!!! Can't wait to celebrate with you in person!!!

  5. You’re too cute, Kim! Loved the video. Congrats! I’m so so so happy for you.

  6. So very excited and happy for you!!! That must have been an amazing feeling…what a well deserved moment 🙂 I can’t wait to get my own copy!

    • ((((hugs)))) Won’t be long before you’re going “incognito” too!!!! Our Shop Talk is full of talent! <3

  7. Wish I could have been there to see your cute self sneaking around the store trying to be “incognito” – but I was off that day! Bummer! :/

    Love your video, with its dramatic music & your “freakin crazy” reaction – I must say you kept your composure very well! I’m sure you were squee-ing on the inside!

    And I know there will be swarms of people at your signing! You are on your way to having rock-star-author status at the store!

    I am over-the-moon happy for you!! Thanks for sharing this moment, as well as all the wonderful moments of your journey to publication, with all of us! ♥

  8. Kim, you’re so funny! And I’m thrilled for you. Got my copy in the mail yesterday — Woo hoo!!! I’m already into it and loving it! You rock, girl.

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