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A Little Bit About Copy Edits

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OMG! I have copy edits. This is simultaneously thrilling and scary.  It means that I’m one step closer to TOUCHING THE SURFACE being a “real” book, *becomes dizzy at the thought* but it’s also a little bit like learning a completely new language.  Here is a little example of what my manuscript pages look like now.

It’s a little like hieroglyphics, don’t you think?  Of course I was given a crash course on how I should tackle this, but in case your curious, here is what some traditional copy editing marks mean. 
As you can see, the copy editor used red pencil to make his/her changes.  The production editor uses a brown pencil.  (In case you’re wondering what a production editor does.)  And my editor uses blue to make her comments.  Now get to add one more color to the mix.  This is so everyone can quickly distinguish who made what mark or comment on the pages.  And more importantly its an excuse to buy a brand new package of colored pencils. LOL!  
I’m leaning towards the darker purple or possibly green if the purple doesn’t work.  Did I mention that brand new colored pencils just make me happy? Love it!
I’m dying to hear about your experience with copy edits.  I’ll take any advice you’re willing to share.  If you haven’t gotten to this phase yet, I’ll do my best to answer any question you might have.  And if you’re not a writer at all…you can just tell me what you’re favorite pencil color is.  :o)
Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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Going to Copy Editing–How Do You Measure A Year?

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Line edits are in.  And even better, I feel great about the book.  As I warned my editor and agent, I’m sure it won’t be long before I have my head stuck in a barf bag, completely convinced that I’ve written crap.  But today I’m pretty darn sure that I’ve created something beautiful–something that I’m proud to give to the world.

As my manuscript heads off to copy editing, I wave like a mom sending her kid off on the school bus for the first time.  Watching it go, I can’t help but think of where it has been.  One year ago I was 2 weeks away from resending the newly revised version back to Michelle Wolfson.  I had no idea what she would think of it.  I must have been nervous, but all I can remember was the excitement and wonder.  I day dreamed of what my future might hold.

Fast forward one year later and I have the agent and I have the editor that I dreamed about.  I’m approximately one year away from having Touching the Surface be a book–525,600 minutes to be exact.  But how do I measure a year?

I measure mine by the anticipation, by how many of those 525,000 journeys excite me.  The prize isn’t at the end–the gift is the present.  Don’t rent your life–own it!

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Mandy Hubbard’s Tongue in Cheek Guide to the Road to Publication

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So…you want a step by step guide through the road to publication?  You’re going to love how Mandy Hubbard  walks you through the process.  Check out her Tongue in Cheek Guide to the Road to Publication.  Since I have the last of my line edits to finish today, I can safely say I am smack-dab in the middle of steps 12 and 13.  But I’ll never get to step 16 if I don’t stop jabbering.

What step are you on?  Which step do you dream about?

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Why Everyone Should Go to the Ball

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I’m very busy finishing up my line edits, but just because my dance card is full doesn’t mean you can’t be doing something fun–like going to the ball…

Have you heard about the Debutante Ball?  It’s a group blog for some fantastic debut authors.  A couple of my very own agency sistahs have been involved.  Last year Tawna Fenske continuously cracked people up at the Ball, but don’t worry you can still catch her humor daily on her own blog–Don’t Pet Me, I’m Writing and of course you want to run right out and get a copy of her funny and steamy novel MAKING WAVES.  Lucky for you, Michelle Wolfson of Wolfson Literary has move than one fantastic romantic comedy writer.   You can find my other agency sistah, Linda Grimes, leaving humorous words of wisdom at the Ball on Friday.  Linda’s debut (a light urban fantasy) will be coming out in July–Yay!!!!!

There are other wonderful writers at the ball but there is one more that writer that I know.  Joanne Levy is not only Monday at the Debutante Ball,  she is also a member of the Class of 2k12 and an Apocalypsie.  Joanne has a middle grade novel called SMALL MEDIUM AT LARGE that I’m dying to read, so keep your eye out for it in June of 2012.

The Debutante Ball also has a wealth of writerly info and author guest blogs.  Here is a recent guest post that I LOVE by Lisa Schroeder.  What are you waiting for???  Go get ready for the ball!

What’s you’re favorite thing about reading a group blog?

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The Bermuda Triangle Stole My Blog Post

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I was in the Bermuda Triangle of blogs posts this morning!!!!  Grrrr.  I had internet service, but for some reason, my blog page refused–absolutely refused to open–no matter what I did.  I was reluctant to shut the whole computer down, even though I suspected I needed to.  It’s just that I tend to have at least thirteen partially completed things pulled up and active at any given time.  I’m afraid of losing track of them in the shut down.  Finally I gave up, put them all on my dashboard, and did a restart.  It worked, but now it’s sooooo late I’m loath to post my planned Teen Seen interview.  It’s really wonderful, so I think I’m going to save it until Monday.

Hmmmm so how shall I entertain you now?  *eyes pile of edits and glances at watch*  I won’t, but I’ll share an exciting piece of news that I just found out about.  If you want to meet my favorite dragon and the amazing Jodi Moore, here’s your chance…

Off too edit.  *smooch*  Teen Seen on Monday!  Also, if you have any specific topics you’re interested in hearing more about in future blog posts, or have any questions I can try to answer, feel free to ask away.  Have a great weekend.

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You Must Do Line Edits and Some Other Stuff to Get On the Shelves of Bookstores

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I’ve got line edits again!  And line edits often feel like this…

I have a quick deadline rushing at me.  Since I’m trying to make sure I boomerang this baby back on time, in addition to working diligently on book number two, I’m going to stream line this blog post and direct you to the always informative and entertaining Jackson Pearce.  Fasten your safety harness because she has some interesting information on publishing that you might not know.  
Just curious–did you know know how bookstores are stocked?  And isn’t Jackson adorable?  

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