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OMG! I have copy edits. This is simultaneously thrilling and scary.  It means that I’m one step closer to TOUCHING THE SURFACE being a “real” book, *becomes dizzy at the thought* but it’s also a little bit like learning a completely new language.  Here is a little example of what my manuscript pages look like now.

It’s a little like hieroglyphics, don’t you think?  Of course I was given a crash course on how I should tackle this, but in case your curious, here is what some traditional copy editing marks mean. 
As you can see, the copy editor used red pencil to make his/her changes.  The production editor uses a brown pencil.  (In case you’re wondering what a production editor does.)  And my editor uses blue to make her comments.  Now get to add one more color to the mix.  This is so everyone can quickly distinguish who made what mark or comment on the pages.  And more importantly its an excuse to buy a brand new package of colored pencils. LOL!  
I’m leaning towards the darker purple or possibly green if the purple doesn’t work.  Did I mention that brand new colored pencils just make me happy? Love it!
I’m dying to hear about your experience with copy edits.  I’ll take any advice you’re willing to share.  If you haven’t gotten to this phase yet, I’ll do my best to answer any question you might have.  And if you’re not a writer at all…you can just tell me what you’re favorite pencil color is.  :o)
Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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  1. I'd love to know what type of colored pencils you bought. I'm preparing for mine and bought a box that promise to "REALLY Erase!" but I keep having moments of doubt where I convince myself that there are OFFICIAL color pencils I should be using. (don't you love these newbie insecurities?!) Thanks for sharing.

  2. I won't lie…I'm up to two boxes (one Reeves and one crayola) with a combined total of 74 pencils…just so I can have the right one to use. But now that you said erase–I'm so tempted to go out an get more. No insecurities here–nope–none at all. *grin* Let me know if you need to trade for a specific color. *wink*

  3. Oh those symbols are kind of scary!! LOL

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