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The Opposite of Book Banning is PROMOTION!

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It’s Banned Books Week!

I usually get all sappy, talking about this topic, but today I’m going to keep it light. You didn’t know I had it in me, did you? LOL!

What is the opposite of banning a book?  PROMOTION!!!! Every time you spread the word about a book you love, you help to marginalize the impact of narrow minds. It gives me tingles just thinking about it. So, this week I’m encouraging you to spread the word about books you love–particularly those that are banned. *rifles through drawer to find banned books bracelet*

And because it’s October and TOUCHING THE SURFACE launches in 26 days!!! *jaw drops* I’m running a little contest that will help me with my own promotion. I just ordered TOUCHING THE SURFACE T-shirts and they should be here in about 2 weeks. I’m giving one away on Facebook and one here on the blog. If you pre-order a copy of TOUCHING THE SURFACE between now and the time the T-shirts arrive, you’ll be eligible to win one. Here’s what they are going to look like…

All you have to do to be entered is let me know the date you pre-order SURFACE and also let me know what your favorite banned book is. Feel free to write it in caps so I know you’re shouting it to the world. <3  Additionally, if you share this blog post–leave me the link and you’ll get an extra entry.

To make it easy on you–here’s some awesome places you can pre-order…

*Amazon–Hardcover or Kindle 

*Barnes & Noble–Hardcover or NOOK


And for a SIGNED COPY…

*Oblong Books & Music

You can also find out more about Banned Books Week (September 30th-October 6th) HERE. I have soooo many beloved banned books but the first one I’ll shout out is…TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD by Harper Lee!!!!

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Banned Books Week-Revolutions of the Soul

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It’s Banned Books Week and you know how I feel about that.  Judy Blume also has an opinion…

Like Judy, I agree that all reading is valuable.  I believe this whole heartedly, but just to be sure, I stopped and did a quick re-evaluation as a parent.  After a hearty gut check, I was happy to realize that I’m still a fan of giving access.

There’s a difference between providing age appropriate content and censoring content that is age appropriate.  

And what about reading up?  I’m all for it.  I did it all the time as a kid and it was empowering, educational and exciting.  I have yet to discover any negative side effects from the experience.  In fact, I think it has made me a better person.

I hope there comes a day when Banned Books Week is a laughable relic.  When generations of future readers look back and laugh at our idiocy.  But in the mean time, I must confess that I have a secret desire…

I want to write the kind of book that people need to ban.

I strive to write things that are going to connect with people on a real and honest level.  I’m not writing to stir the potWhen a book is banned because its readers find meaning in it

Two of my favorite mantras are…

“Be yourself.  Have an opinion. Tell the world.”   by K.L. Going

“Dare to disrupt the universe.”  by Laurie Halse Anderson

For me, those are words to live by.  But I’m not alone.  There are many who dare.  Here are the ALA’s top 100 banned/challenged books from 2000-2009.  I bet you’re going to be shocked to find some of your favorites are on this list.  It makes me crazy but I try to remember one other thing that Laurie Halse Anderson said…

“Revolutions of the soul are scary things.”

What is your favorite banned book?  Is there a particular book you’re shocked to see on the list? 

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