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If you read yesterday’s blog, you know that it was the 5th anniversary of of my father’s death. In typical fashion my family spent the day together remembering him and spending time with each other. The day before I pulled out my baby book in order to copy a picture of myself and my dad. During the search I found some really fun pictures and decided to bring the book to my mom’s house. We had lots of laughs sitting at the table looking through the pictures and the memories that went with them. While we talked, I decided to take a closer look at the things that my mom had stuffed in the pockets over the years. When I was little I was only interested in the pictures and as I got older I tended to avoid moving the fragile pages. Tucked between my first plane ticket and a post card from Mr. Doo Bee I found two letters from my father. I was 2 when he’d sent them to me, but I never knew they were in there. It was as if they had been lost in the mail for 38 years and had arrived today…

November 18, 1972
I miss you very much. I hope you are being a very good girl for Mommy. It is very cold here where Daddy is working but I like it very much. There is a nice school here. There are many buses for children to ride on. I am going to a big church which you may remember. It is called Saint Bernard’s.
Is there snow on the ground in Beacon? There is a little here. I must go now but I would like you to keep helping Mommy and please be a good girl.
Love you Daddy

Dear Daddy,
Thanks for writing to me. It warms my heart to know that you like where you are. I wish you were with me, but the next best thing is knowing that you’re happy. I’ll keep taking care of Mom and don’t worry about me…I’ll be a good girl. I had a wonderful role model to guide me. Don’t forget to write again soon. I miss you every day.
Love you~ Kimmie

December 1, 1972

Hi Kim,

I hope you are being a good girl and helping Mommy. I miss you and Mommy very much. There is a lot of snow here. It seems like Santa Claus will be able to come with all his deer and bring you your Christmas presents.

Are you watching Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers? I think you are learning your A-B-C’s and numbers and becoming a big girl. I am very proud of you. You will soon be reading big books. Have you gotten any new books lately? I will see you soon.

Your Daddy,



Dear Daddy~

I’m writing my own books now. I won’t stop until I get it right, but I think you know that already. Keep an eye on those book shelves…someday I will get to write a very very important dedication. You won’t want to miss it. By the way, Santa was great to me this year…he brought me you. I love and miss you…always.

Your Beautiful Baby~





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  1. Kim-

    Your letters made me cry…can't say anything more than I am happy you were given those gifts!! I too received some from my mother while doing some parent liaison work this week. They truly are blessings!!


  2. I love it when he finds a way to let me know that he's still looking out for me. I know you know what I mean. :o) It makes all the difference.

  3. Yes, I'm mopping my face with a very wet tissue. This is such a gift, Kimmie. And I absolutely believe that he is up there, watching over you. Happy New year, dear friend!


  4. Happy New Year to you sweetie :o)

  5. Very moving posts. I just know that a moment will come when you'll be browsing through the bookstore and come across your very own book on the shelves. You'll turn the page to read that very special dedication. And you're dad's spirit will be there, reading it over your shoulder.
    Happy New Year, Kim!

  6. Katie~I know your sister is looking over yours too. Can't wait to get together in the Poconos. :o)

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