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Just like my Freaky Friday Interviews of aspiring authors, I’ve discovered that there’s a whole world of YA bloggers just starting out. I thought it would be fun to highlight some of these newbie bloggers because-lets face it-bloggers are freaky book lovers too and we should all work together in our quest to take over the world one YA book at a time.

Today’s interview is with Marion James.

Marion and I met on Book Blogs.  He has a wonderful blog called Palm Books Journal.

Marion brings a guy’s perspective and international flair to the interview.  He’s our very own book blogging 007.  *grin*   I can’t wait for you to meet him, so lets get started…

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog?

The name is Marrion James (MJ) and I’m a 21 year old book lover living in the Philippines. I’m friendly, approachable, spontaneous and long tempered. I am a vampire, which means I prefer to stay inside the house and mostly do things to help me relax — Reading and watching movies.
Aside from books, I love to draw and sketch, take long walks at night, eat a lot and do the best–my writing. I am currently writing my own novel and hoping someday (fingers-cross) I will be able to publish it. I am also a fan of handicrafts, where I work myself to make small sculptures and figurines.
I’ve been reading books since I was in High School but I had no such interest whatsoever before. But then a close friend has the same enthusiasm as I do. It’s especially great when you have someone to talk to about the book that you’ve read. It is kind of exciting knowing that I am not the only one who has this kind of passion in reading.
Palm Books Journal is a new blog that shares my own review of a specific book. It also includes recommendations, latest books and other stuff involving books.  The blog only focuses on three genres: Young Adult, Fantasy and Adventure 

I think it is wonderful that you’ve developed a passion for books through discussions with your friend.  A book blog is just an extended version of that conversation.  

What kinds of readers are following your blog and how difficult has it been to get followers?
My followers started out as a few of my friends and people I just met who appear to have the same interests as I do. But yes, finding followers was the tough one… I don’t know why? I think they’re expecting much from you even though your a newbie at all this. Though I took it as a challenge, which is fun and exciting. I have a long way to go, this is just only the beginning. :]

Knowing that finding a following is hard as a newbie book blogger, what do you bring to your blog that would make authors have you as a reviewer and readers use you as a source of information?
I am now participating on different memes hosted by the other bloggers. I have also joined a few giveaways now. At the moment, I enjoy all the things I am currently doing, and before I only had 12 followers, and now I jumped off to 50+! It was a great feeling but still I have to be patient. Hopefully, someday, I will be able to host my very own giveaway. I have a lot of ideas to install for my blog.  

*He’s up to 104–who is going to be lucky 105?
I also show them how completely passionate I am to read a certain book. When I recommend, I want them to make their own decisions whether they want the book or not. I want my reviews to be fun and freely expressive. I don’t want my opinions to be flat and boring. I don’t intend for my reviews to be highly professional, instead I would like them to feel what I felt about the book. :]

I was wondering, you’re located outside the United States, English is a second language and you’re a guy (which is very cool).  Do any of these factors impact you positively or negatively as a reviewer?


There has been no negative feedback so far — thank goodness!  Most of them welcome you when you’re new at all this. And there is one who said to me, "It was nice to see reviews from a guy’s perspective". I was so glad to see that they accepted me even though I was a guy because most of the fellow book bloggers are out numbered by girls. There is no discrimination, it’s fair and equal. Though I was looking for some dudes who liked reading the same as I do. Well, fortunately I found one and he is a Filipino like myself. He has been blogging a long time before I was and he was glad to see a another guy who had a similar craze for books. 

I think its awesome that you’re giving a guys perspective.  I really appreciate it.  Can you tell me what your favorite 5 books/authors are?

1.  Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling
2.  Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick
3.  Inkheart Trilogy by Cornelia Funke
4.  Percy Jackson and The Olympians Series by Rick Riordan
5.  Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton

Some of my favorites too!  Before we finish up, any advice for other baby bloggers or aspiring bloggers?

For the aspiring baby bloggers out there, building your own book blog is challenging. There are few things you should remember.

First, be patient, you don’t have to rush everything, sometimes you have to wait longer to accomplish something you want.

Second, there must be an aspect of professionalism, if you dillydally too much and if you loosen your grip, you might fall off and it will be difficult to stand up again.

Third, ask for assistance, you don’t need to carry it all, there are times you cannot do it by yourself.

Fourth, accept challenges, negative feedback, errors.   Mistakes are really a bummer but you have to learn from them. It should be your "Confidence Booster" instead of making you feel down and give up.

Lastly (I think), don’t forget to have FUN! It is very essential. You don’t become a blogger because "you need to" but because "you want to".  Don’t think of it as work or responsibility, you need to think of it as fun and exciting. It is your choice on how you manage your blog and how will it be successful in the future. :]

Thanks Ms. Kim for this interview. I really had fun answering your questions! I’ll be always in touch on your blog and here in Book Blogs!

Thank you too!  I enjoy reading your blog, Palm Books Journal, but I also really love hanging out with you in the cyber world.  You’re stuck with me now Marion!  *grin*  

You can find Marion James in a number of other fun places–facebook, twitter and goodreads.  Be sure to stop by and friend/follow him–you won’t regret it.  He’s a wonderful guy.  :o)


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  1. Great interview! Nice to "meet" you, Marion. It IS great to see a guy involved in book blogging. I wish you every success in the future. 🙂

  2. (((hugs))) for this "baby" blogger!! I like what you're doing! 😀

  3. Thanks Ms. Kim, I enjoyed this interview so much! ^^

  4. Me too! Thanks so much Marion-looking forward to continue reading your blog! :o)

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