Eastern PA SCBWI Pocono Mountain Retreat 2011 – Part 2

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 When we last left off I was tired.  Really, really tired because I’m a blabber mouth and can’t stop talking to my writer peeps.  *sigh*  So after a really yummy breakfast (BTW I really enjoy this whole “people cooking all my meals for me thing) and a little dash big dollop of regular coffee in my decaf, I was ready to kick off a full day of conference done Poconos style!

Have you met Donna Gephart?  If you haven’t then you need to.  She’s amazing!  Her talk was called Six Reasons to Quit Writing (and One Important Reason Not to).

I think you’re probably familiar with these…

1.  It takes to long to be successful.
2.  I’m not good enough.
3.  There’s not enough time to write.
4.  You’re afraid that you’ll fail.
5.  Rejections are too painful.
6.  Someone tells you you shouldn’t write.

Yup, that’s a BIG, FAT YES to all six.  We’ve hung out together before.

But why do I love Donna Gephart so much?  She made me cry.  Her journey touched me and her honesty moved me even more.  I won’t give away her secrets, but here’s what she would want you to know…

*Like the characters we create, writers struggle with internal and external obstacles.  Just know that no one can stop you if you want it bad enough.

So proud to be a part of her tribe.  *heart squish*

Workshop Time!!!!

Two more amazing revision workshop sessions with Suzanne Morgan Williams.

#2-The Solid Structure and #3-The Considered Details.  I especially enjoy any activity where I get to play with colored markers AND learn how to revise better!!!!

After lunch I had workshop #4- The Publisher’s Process: From Submission to Finished Book with Robert Agis (Associate Editor at Sterling Children’s Books).  Once again I was having too much fun to take a picture.  Really I mean it–this is one funny editor, but don’t let his humor fool you.  He’s very knowledgable in his field and kind enough to share that information in a way that everyone can benefit.

At this point in the day (3:10-5:30) I was usually on line, heart pounding in chest, waiting to sit down for my paid critique.  Since I didn’t have one this year and the weather was beautiful–I went for a run.  *grin*  Kind of a neat way to process everything in my head.  Squeezed in 5.5 miles and still had time to hang out on the porch and wash the stink off of me in time for dinner.

After dinner, the Silent Auction/Raffle kicked butt and raised over $3,000.00 with half going to the SCBWI Japan Chapter.  The money that is raised for PA goes to providing scholarships to next year’s conference. The auction ladies rock and I’m not just saying that because they had a basket of Charm’s Blow Pops for the folks who donated–although it did increase the odds that I would give them a shout out. *grin*

So, you’d figure after a late night on Friday, I’d be curled up in a corner, snoring to beat the band.  We’ll I might have been if I hadn’t been hanging out with this fantastic group of people…

Shhhh Don’t tell anyone I did Bunny Ears.  Anyway, this fabulous group of friends threw a little party to celebrate Jodi Moore’s debut picture book WHEN A DRAGON MOVES IN and the sale of my first YA novel TOUCHING THE SURFACE.  They baked yummy things, had little inspirational presents and made us feel loved, special and proud to be a part of something so wonderful–a tribe.

You might imagine that I finally went to bed, sleepy and content–and I did–just hours later.  It was my last night to curl up in a stack of pillows and whisper and laugh with my roommate Jodi, but that’s what happens when a Dragon moves into your heart.

My sincerest thanks to my tribe…

Do you have a tribe moment you’d like to share?

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  1. LOL at the bunny ears! You sneaky Pete. And you have such an innocent look on your face, too. *grins*

    I'm glad you had such a great time. 🙂

  2. Wow…It's great to see all those faces again. Sounds like an awesome weekend all around!

  3. Hahaha!! You and Jodi continue to inspire us!

  4. No wonder I slept so well in that bed. It was filled with all of our dreams. Great conference! Can't wait to do it again next year. I'll have to give you bunny ears. LOL

  5. The Bunny Ears are a big hit LOL! Missed you Mary Ann. 🙁 and Rox-love that visual. You should be a writer. *grin* Everyone get writing so we have more reasons to celebrate next year!

  6. Wow, way to raise $3,000! That's fantastic! It sounds like a great retreat!

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