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Normally I would say that it’s to my advantage, as a writer, to turn off the TV and get my butt in front of my computer.  More time writing makes me a better writer.  But…there are exceptions to every rule.  I know I’m coming very late to the game (literally) on this one, but I am hooked on FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS.  I know all the rest of you brilliant folks are probably full of mixed emotions about starting the final season, but I’ve just discovered this amazing show…

I was thinking about the show and why I’ve fallen head over heels for it.  It’s because it’s got character.  And I mean that in the writerly way.  This show knows how to write amazing people.  I’m not a huge football fan, but I’m hooked because they’ve created characters that are real.

Every time they lay out someone that I DESPISE, it isn’t long before they’ve shown me a glimpse of their soft side.  Suddenly I can see the chain of events or circumstances that made this ugly, mean person who they are.  And I start to relate to them.  And while I pull my hair and moan a lot, I realize that maybe I even love them.

Just as important, the characters who’ve stolen my heart from the very first moment, have ugly spots too.  They show up like bruises on an over ripe peach I’d once thought was perfect.  And then I realized that what I thought was love before, was only imaginary hero-worship–because now they’re real.  Like me.  And the line between the good guys and the bad guys blurs.  And then I find I’m not really looking at them so much as I’m looking at myself, with all my flaws, and my big dreams and my need to be loved and to be forgiven.  And a switch gets thrown and I’m reminded that these are how characters should be written on the TV, in the movies and in great books.

And we all want to write great books–right?

So you should probably start watching FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS with me.

Where do your best characters come from?


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  1. Wow, I might have to do that! I've avoided this show because I'm not that big on football, but you make it sound like something I should try.

    My best characters are, I suppose, just various aspects of me. (Yeah, even the bad guys. We all have a little villain in us, don't we?)

  2. YES!!! That's what kept me from watching it-but man is it good!!!!! Watch and then we'll talk. BTW I love ALL of you. :o)

  3. Oh I've never seen Friday Night Lights! But I'll keep an eye on it. Now I just started watching One Tree Hill, and I'm absolutely loving it. 😉

  4. Yes!!!! Watch this one and I'm also watching Veronica Mars…must. not. watch. another. series!!!!!

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