We Have The Cooties and They Won’t Go Away!

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Remember how I told you yesterday would be my first day with the boys all back in school again??? I’m a liar. The 7yo was home again. *head thunk* Now he has an ear infection. WE HAVE THE COOTIES AND THEY WON”T GO AWAY!!!!

What does this mean in the big scheme of things? Well, a chunk of my morning was eaten up by a Dr. visit and w-a-i-t-i-n-g at CVS. Grrr So my big plans to get EVERYTHING done on my domestic and professional list didn’t happen. Not like it was possible anyway, but at least now I can blame it on all those minutes that I used making toast, puncturing juice boxes and giving kisses. Ha! More than anything, I just want him to feel better–he’s been one off for quite a few weeks now–in and out of school. We joke that he’s allergic to academia this year.

As for you dear reader, I’m keeping this short and sweet because the school bus arrives with the 9yo in 45 minutes and I need to go grab my time turner and get some more stuff done. But my question to you is, what is the biggest obstacle you encounter when trying to work on your writing? What are your cooties and how do they mess you up? What slows you down the most? Are your cooties in your control or out of your control? iStock_000020420964XSmall


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  1. Hahaha. I had a menopause baby in the middle of writing that first novel, lol. Cute little cootie, can’t get rid of him, just have to work around him. 😉

    Real cootie advice: When and if all else fails, use a rinse of Listerine.

    {{{{{{{{{supersisterwritemamhugs}}}}} and luvs to your little cutie and may he soon be free of the cootie.

  2. My “cooties” are two cats, two dogs, a 15-year-old and an 18-year-old. Admittedly, the last is rarely an interference with my writing, but the first five sure are! Also, just the HOUSE — getting dirty, breaking, needing maintenance. Even though my home office is my Awesome Writing Haven with everything I need to be creative, it is unfortunately lodged in my home! Here’s my trick: In dire straits, go to a friend’s house to write or edit. Honestly. It’s almost as good as an office job! Sure, there’s the danger of chatting coming and going, but the hours that you’re in a quiet space with work in front of you are golden. Any mess or disturbance is Not Your Problem!

    • I never thought of that–I could always go camp at my mom’s if I had too. Good idea. Those cooties sound a lot like mine LOL!

  3. On a bad day, ANYTHING can interfere. Laundry, which I’m terrible at. Cleaning the house, ditto. Social media, which I convince myself is somehow helpful but which is basically like doodling, only online. Ugh. Since November there have been endless weekdays for which I had fab plans which fell apart because one or more of six kids was sick or I was sick or husband was sick or…I always have this shimmering idea in my mind of how fabulously I will get everything done when it’s not September (and back to school) or October and two birthdays plus Halloween, or November—so Thanksgiving or December and Christmas and school conferences….On the one hand I want to celebrate my against-all-experience optimism and on the other hand I really wish I would get the clue that there never really is that fabulous empty month when it all comes together, so just do the best you can, already!

    • WHAT????? No fabulously empty month???? So screwed. We should get lunch or something to talk it over. LOL!

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