Everyone Should Have a Remote Storage Unit

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Guess what?

I’m moving–sort of. It appears–at the moment–that we are buying a new house. I’m a little wishy-washy in the telling, because the whole real estate thing is fraught with peril and missteps, like an Indian Jones movie. But the plan, with a little divine intervention, is to move. The whole family is very excited. We giggle a lot when the five of us are together. It’s a little bit like waiting for Christmas. Lots of fun anticipation.

We are staying local–so all you people who are subjected to me on a daily basis–don’t get too excited and start cheering. You’re still stuck with me. Ha! In fact, I may be even closer to you than I was before. You might want to invest in new shades, a fence or maybe even a guard dog. Or we can hang out–whatever. Just so you know, I probably wouldn’t even have announced this yet, but part of this process involves selling my own house. So, it’s going to be pretty obvious, awfully soon. And honestly, you might have been a little freaked out, seeing me do so much cleaning and organizing. Probably figured the zombies had eaten my brain or something LOL! But YAY! No zombies. I’m just making my house neater and cleaner for someone else, than I ever got around to doing for myself. I’ve always subscribed to the idea that I’ll do X,Y and Z first and get around to that other stuff later. (For those of you not sure, this is called procrastination.)  But procrastination isn’t always bad, because no one ever dies and says, “Wish I’d staged my house better instead of writing a novel.” Yeah–that never happens–but staging and organizing is a necessary evil for me to get to the next house I will neglect for my writing. And because of that, like a diligent watcher of HGTV, I’m working hard to share all the best loved parts of my home in their very best light.

In order to do this, I have rented a remote storage unit. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before. I can store stuff where I don’t need to look at it and give the appearance of complete (almost complete) organization without having to give away anything I haven’t used in 10 years that I will need in no less than seven days from the time I would have disposed of it. (Sorry–that just felt like it had to be a breath-sucking, run-on sentence.) And just to bring a little bit of writing into this post, this storage thing sounds just like cutting and pasting during revision. It’s all still there!!!!  (Like how I did that?)

And, dear hubby, if you’re reading this post like you claim you do–I will get rid of lots of stuff. I really will. *raises hand but crosses fingers*  I promise. But this process is so stressful for an artsy, distractible, adorable procrastinator like me. So the first thing to go may be the clutter makers, I mean the kids. Just kidding. Unless the 10yo doesn’t get a grip on his fish tank–then both of them go in the storage unit with Cheerios and fish food.

So how am I doing so far? I don’t have a before pic, but this room may have also had some broken wicker furniture, snow shovels, muddy soccer gear, 462 pairs of shoes, a christmas tree stand, some broken umbrellas, an arsenal of Nerf guns, two folding tables, snow boots, cob webs and occasionally two cats sitting in the sun. And that was on a good day.

IMG_4065 IMG_4066


Now I have a great space to sit and write and help me to procrastinate more LOL! What would you put in your remote storage unit? No judgement! Spill the beans.

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  1. Exciting times! Hope your move goes smoothly. 🙂

    What would I put in remote storage? How about all my kids’ stuff that still resides in my basement even though they’ve moved out? *grin*

  2. Looks fantastic!!

  3. It’s so exciting that you’re moving! We went from 6 bedrooms to three, so we have a storage unit filled to the gils.

    • I know you did! Getting cozy LOL! Miss your face. <3

  4. Good luck with your move, Kim. Love your new website, looks great!

  5. Congratulations on the decluttering of the house. Ain’t it grand. Um, 462 pairs of shoe?!? I cannot even fill the shoe holder that fills the back of my door!

    If I were to put up my house for sale I would have to take boxes and boxes of books, then deal with the overflow of my craft room. I do not even want to think about it! Although I intend to move in about six years if all goes well.

  6. So, my husband is retiring from the military, and we are listing our Fairfax home in two weeks and two days (but who’s counting?). We will be moving to Roanoke in August, where Brian will embark on a civilian career, and I will do…NOTHING that involves decluttering or painting or hauling or spending inordinate amounts of time obsessing about a little green mark on the wall in the corner of my living room (if only walls could talk!).

    I am SO relating to what you posted, Kim. Why is it that we don’t care a flip about this and that until we become aware that someone else (that we don’t know) will be investigating it under a magnifying glass? What I have realized (but, of course, I won’t practice until I’ve sold our house!) is that the someone else I do not know probably doesn’t care about the green mark, either! They’ll just move in and cover it with a piece of furniture or picture (like I have), and that will be that.

    I am a victim of my own perfectionistic self. Sigh.


    • I hear you loud and clear!!!! (((((hugs))))) Congrats on the retirement, new job and move!!!!

  7. Good luck with the move! I’m also on a house hunt (if you can’t tell from my #aptHell tweets!) and it’s pretty stressful. I can’t imagine trying to sell at the same time.

    Oooooh, a remote storage unit. I have a cluttered apartment that’s so tiny (with limited closet space!!!!), I need a storage unit just to keep from looking like I’m starting to move into hoarders territory. Since I travel so much for work, my living room/dining room area is home to 3 suitcases. To add to the eyesore, my vacuum, cannister vac, and deep carpet cleaner just hang out by the front door.

    I might have to temporarily send most of my books into the storage unit to make room for more– uhm, I mean, to declutter a bit. And since I love dresses so much, I may need to seasonally switch things out to keep my closet from exploding.

    Oh, and right now, I have a tutu hanging from my bedroom door. Maybe that could move to a storage unit… hmmm….

    This post made me smile! Good luck!

  8. Oh, and makeup. I need a storage unit just for all my makeup, which is weird because I really don’t wear that much. *hangs head in shame*

  9. You win!!!!! Sending HGTV style hugs LOL!!!!

  10. […] Kimberly Sabatini (author of Touching the Surface) I loved Kim’s debut, and she’s been nice enough to respond to some emails and tweets I’ve sent her way. I love that she lets us into her personal life when she blogs. It’s so much more interesting than just reading post after post about book promotion. Here’s a recent post about her family getting ready to move. […]

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